US consulate in Sydney defaced with pro-Hamas graffiti, windows smashed by sledgehammer wielding suspect

The United States consulate in Sydney, Australia was damaged and defaced with pro-Hamas imagery by a suspect with a sledgehammer on Monday. The windows of the building were smashed and the doors were spray painted with anti-Israel graffiti.

The painted markings depicted red, downward-facing triangles, similar to the symbols that were used by Hamas to identify Israeli military targets, per CBC. They have been increasingly used in pro-Hamas demonstrations since the October 7 massacre.

Australia's Prime Minister Anthony Albanese condemned the attack. "I would just say that people should have respectful political debate and discourse. Measures such as painting the U.S. Consulate do nothing to advance the cause of those who have committed what is of course a crime to damage property," he said, according to Reuters.

A police spokesperson told the outlet: "CCTV has been sourced that shows a person wearing a dark colored hoodie with their face obscured carrying what appears to be a small sledgehammer."

A spokesperson for the consulate confirmed the building had been vandalized and that staff were unharmed. "Australian Federal Police and New South Wales Police are investigating the incident," they said.

Nine windows in total were damaged and the main doors to the building were defaced, police reported. The suspect has not yet been found. The same US consulate building was graffitied in April with the words "Freee Gaza." The US consulate in Melbourne was defaced by anti-Israel agitators in May. 


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