EXCLUSIVE: How Missouri AG Andrew Bailey took down Media Matters over conspiracy to silence conservatives

Jack Posobiec hosted Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey on Human Events Daily Wednesday, during which they discussed his lawsuit against left-wing watchdog journalism outlet Media Matters, which Bailey called a "radical progressive advocacy group masquerading as a 501(c)(3)," after it conspired to silence conservatives.

"In reality, what they really want to do is silence conservative voices, and they're willing to manipulate marketplaces to do that," he explained, adding that his concern is that last year the outlet "obtained charitable donations from across the country to include from Missourians, and then converted that money into a market manipulation designed to destroy X, formerly known as Twitter."

He elaborated that Media Matters "did that by juxtaposing controversial speech with prominent advertisers and attempted to force those advertisers out of X."

"They wanted to destroy it, because they can't control it," Bailey said. "They don't want free speech in America, because they can't win the argument on the merits. So they have to control public discourse."

He announced that his office launched an investigation and subsequent lawsuit because of alarms raised about the outlet by Posobiec on the show. He reported that he first sued Media Matters in Missouri and the outlet sued him back in Maryland, a case which he will be going to court to get dismissed.

Posobiec also pointed out that since the lawsuit, Media Matters has been forced to lay off around a dozen staffers.

Bailey responded that he and his team are in possession of a document "that would chill the devil's spine. It's a blueprint published back in 2016, or shortly thereafter, by Media Matters and some of their partners in this illicit campaign to silence conservative voices. The whole idea here, and their whole blueprint is to apply corporate pressure campaigns to snuff out any voice in opposition to radical left-wing progressive ideology."

"That's frightening from a First Amendment standpoint, it's frightening from a market manipulation standpoint, but it's consistent with what we see from the left," he said.

Watch the full episode below.


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