MATT KANE: Biden has united the country against himself

There is much mainstream talk about how divided the United States has become. This stems from a hyper fixation on the lack of common ground between the Republican and Democratic party platforms. However, it has become increasingly clear that people from all demographics are united in opposing Joe Biden and the events that have transpired under his administration.

It is a rare occurrence in American politics for one of the nominees from the two major parties to be universally viewed negatively, even during the most contentious times. In 2016 for example, voters were split on which nominee would be better at handling top concerns such as the economy, law and order, foreign affairs, and immigration. Hillary Clinton was viewed more favorably on immigration and foreign affairs, while Donald Trump was viewed more favorably on the economy and law and order.

Trump handled issues better than his detractors expected after taking office, but even so, the lead-up to the 2020 election again saw divisions on key issues. Trump remained more favorable than Democrats on the economy and law and order, and he also became more favorably viewed than Biden on foreign policy, which was not the case in 2016. However, Biden was viewed more favorably on immigration, likely due to the media misconstruing Trump’s immigration message.

Now, a recent New York Times/Siena poll revealed that Biden is viewed net-negatively across the board. In response to the broad question, “Do you think the United States is on the right track, or is it headed in the wrong direction?,” 64% of respondents replied “wrong direction.” Among all demographics polled—men and women, all ages, races, education levels, and regions of the U.S.—more than 54% in each group said “wrong direction,” with one demographic reaching as high as 73%.

Similarly, questions such as “Do you approve or disapprove of the way Joe Biden is handling his job as president?” and “Tell me whether you have a very favorable, somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable, or very unfavorable opinion of Joe Biden” resulted in 59% saying they either “strongly or somewhat disapprove,” and 56% saying they held either a “very or somewhat unfavorable” view of Biden.

When tracking voter sentiment on specific issues, responses were equally bleak for Biden. On the economy, Biden’s net disapproval is a whopping 63%. On law and order, it sits at 55%. Foreign affairs come in at 61%, while immigration is at 64%.

These figures come in addition to countless organic signs that people from all walks of life seem to be united against Biden. Following President Trump’s warm receptions during impromptu visits to a Harlem bodega and an Atlanta Chick-fil-A, Biden tested his luck in a Pennsylvania Wawa convenience store. No crowds of adoring supporters formed, there were no lines for photos, and many employees appeared unimpressed. Even during a Palestinian protest, both sides broke out into “F**k Joe Biden” chants. A lot can change in the months between now and election day. However, there are two key reasons why we should expect much of this to continue.

First, the current crisis between Israel and Iran doesn't seem to be anywhere near a resolution, and the public has already become displeased with Biden’s handling of the conflict. While Republican voters viewing Biden negatively on this issue was to be expected, the Democratic Party is experiencing a rare internal fracture. This has resulted in Biden attempting to play both sides, angering both, and pleasing none in the process.

Secondly, Biden has not proven his ability to resolve any major crisis that has unfolded during his tenure up to this point. The war in Ukraine continues with endless aid flowing and no end in sight. U.S. military enrollment continues to crater, a direct effect of the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan and the insistence on promoting LGBTQ initiatives. Inflation and gas prices are rising once again, and during a two-day period earlier this month, the border saw 485 Chinese nationals cross, easily surpassing the 342 that crossed during the entire fiscal year 2021.

All of this coincides with President Trump securing his highest polling numbers of all time. His support has not only increased from previous highs, but in stark contrast to Biden, he is now viewed net positively on the most important issues - like immigration, foreign affairs, and the economy - by a majority of those polled. On the economy, 64% approve of his handling compared to 33% who disapprove. On law and order, 51% approve compared to 47% who don’t. Foreign affairs saw 48% approve of the job he did compared to 45% who don’t, and 50% approve of his handling of immigration compared to 47% who don’t.

Trump’s positivity margins may not seem significant, but in years past, he was underwater on many of these issues. The fact that his numbers have not just increased but have improved so drastically that he is now above water on the issues signals a massive shift in voter sentiment on policy.

Of course, beyond usual political issues, there now exists the legitimate threat of a rogue, tyrannical government that was set in motion by the egregious trial President Trump found himself embroiled in. It has become apparent to most, including many staunch Trump opposers, that the case was an unfortunate, country-destroying political persecution. But one positive that emerged as a result was a massive sense of unity in opposing those orchestrating this anti-American government weaponization.

President Trump has maintained his significant stronghold on the Republican Party. However, he has also gained substantial support from both independents and, more surprisingly, Democrats. Trump received just 6% of the Democratic vote and 41% of the independent vote in 2020. Now, he has managed to secure double-digit support from Democrats, which is rather unheard of for an opposing party’s nominee and has flipped the independent majority support Biden enjoyed in 2020 in his favor.

As far as racial demographics, CNN, notorious opponents of Trump, revealed that their polling averages show Trump receiving an eye-popping 22% of the Black vote. For reference, Trump received just 8% of the Black vote in 2016, and 12% in 2020. Trump receiving nearly a quarter of a demographic that typically votes in the single digits for a Republican says a lot about how these developments are changing hearts and minds.

Hispanics are another demographic that votes predominantly Democrat. However, Trump now has comfortable leads in some polls with Hispanic voters. While the divide between Hispanics supporting Democrats and Republicans is not as wide as that among Blacks, a plurality of Hispanics choosing Trump over Biden is another sign of previously Democrat voting blocs uniting in their opposition to Biden.

President Trump is the target of a life-threatening political persecution. Fearful Democrats and bitter Republicans who downplay the gravity of this threat by claiming Trump is a political beneficiary of this assault on American freedom don’t grasp the severity of the situation. Trump was the only person brave enough to shine a light on the many dark deeds taking place throughout the American political system a decade ago and has continued to do so to this very day, even as he stares down life in prison. The masses see that Trump was right about the evildoers within government, who have now made him their main target, and believe he represents the only chance we as a nation have at resisting and defeating it. He may be politically benefiting from it, but that is a massive and selfless price to pay, one that deserves proper recognition given that no American has ever been willing to endure such a sacrifice in America’s nearly 250-year history.

Unity is not measured in ideology, but rather by how many people support the ideologies. A divided nation would feature close to 50% of its citizens supporting one party, and close to 50% supporting the other. That is not the current reality in America. When all demographics signal unification on the most important issues and demonstrate a noteworthy shift towards the candidate who represents these issues, the “America is divided” narrative quickly shatters.

If you are looking solely for a lack of opposition to any man in today’s media world, where the vocal minority gets all the attention, as proof of unity, you will never find it. But America is undeniably united in opposing increased costs of living, high inflation, increased energy costs, a hostile state of foreign affairs, a weakening military, government weaponization, and the domestic cultural rot we are living through thanks to the Biden-Harris agenda, and has turned to President Trump to deliver us from it.

Matt Kane earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Stony Brook University. His work has been posted by President Trump, RealClearPolitics, and American Thinker.

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