German officer dies from wounds in Afghan migrant stabbing spree

An Afgan immigrant went on a stabbing spree at a right-wing, anti-Islam event in Mannheim, Germany on Friday, leaving 1 officer dead and 5 other people wounded, according to local officials. The attacker was shot by police and remains hospitalized as of Monday, per the Associated Press. The attack was captured on video and shared on social media.

The footage showed a bearded man running around and stabbing multiple people. He was knocked to the ground several times by people trying to subdue him but he managed to continuously get back up and carry on with the attack.

The video also showed a police officer holding the wrong man down on the ground. The attacker then stabbed that police officer in the neck before another officer shot the man and finally subdued him.

The attacker was identified as a 25-year-old immigrant from Afghanistan. A judge has ordered that he be held on suspicion of attempted murder. Authorities have not provided a motive for the attack and reported that he was not in a condition to be interrogated.

The 29-year-old deceased police officer was stabbed several times in the neck and head by the immigrant and initially underwent emergency surgery on Friday. He was placed in a coma and succumbed to his injuries Sunday.

One of the victims was 59-year-old Michael Stürzenberger, an anti-Islam activist who was slated to speak at the event, organized by Citizens Movement Pax Europa, The Telegraph reports.

The other victims were men aged 25, 36, 42, and 54.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz posted to X that he was "deeply grieved" by the death of the police officer and that his "commitment to the safety of us all deserves the highest recognition."

"My thoughts are especially with the seriously injured police officer," said Interior Minister Nancy Faeser in a social media post on Friday. "If investigations show an Islamist motive behind the attack, that would be yet another confirmation of the great danger posed by Islamist violence, which we have been warning about."

Image: Title: beardo germany