'People of all color stand for Trump': Human Events Daily speaks to supporters outside the NY courthouse during jury deliberation

Wednesday's episode of Human Events Daily with Jack Posobiec featured scenes from directly outside the Trump trial during day 1 of jury deliberation, with the exterior of the courthouse flooded with enthusiastic supporters from all kinds of backgrounds.

Real America's Voice reporter Ben Berquam was able to speak to a group who said they represented "Latinos for Trump" while, simultaneously, a group stood behind him holding a sign that read "Jews for Trump."

"We know what the corrupt regime are doing to Trump. It's not only him, it's us too. They're after us. So we are here to support him," stated one supporter.

Bergquam was then able to speak with a supporter from India, currently in the United States for school.

"This matters to me, especially, because it's all about standing up for the truth. Wherever I would have been at this point, even in some other country, I would have stood up for the truth," the supporter said. He gestured off camera as he continued, "What you see at the back? People like Chinese people, people of all color stand for Trump."

He stated that he observed that most of the "anti-Trump" base is in fact white people trying "to spread the black victim stories."

"And the main issue here is, what is Trump getting sued for? Like, what wrong did he do?" the supporter continued, a question that seemed to be at the top of everyone's minds outside of the courthouse. "Yeah, it's very sad, what's happening, the border, especially."

Watch the full episode below.


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