Soccer player from Monaco faces discipline after he covers LGBTQ message on jersey, refuses to be part of anti-homophobia photo op

Mohamed Camara, a midfielder for the soccer club AS Monaco, is facing potential disciplinary action after covering an anti-homophobia badge on his jersey and refusing to participate in a pre-game photo promoting LGBTQ inclusion. French Sports Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castéra has called for sanctions against both Camara and the club.

During Monaco's last game on Sunday, French Ligue 1 teams were required to wear badges featuring the word "homophobia" crossed out as part of a pro-LGBTQ campaign. Camara instead taped over the badge. He also decided not to join the other players in a pre-game group photo holding a banner with the same message, according to the Associated Press.

Minister Oudéa-Castéra labeled Camara's actions "unacceptable" and urged for "firm sanctions" against him and AS Monaco. French Minister of Equality Aurore Bergé echoed this condemnation in a post on X, stating, "Homophobia is not an opinion, it's a crime. And homophobia kills,

“There must be strict punishment for Mohamed Camara,” Bergé added.

AS Monaco responded by indicating they would address the issue with Camara internally. The club's coach described Camara's actions as a "personal choice."

Camara is one of several soccer players who have pushed back on the French league’s initiative to promote LGBT values. In 2022 a Senegalese-born player from Everton refused to play in a match requiring players to wear rainbow-colored numbers. While many criticized his actions, Senegal’s president supported the player’s decision, emphasizing that “his religious convictions must be respected.”

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