HODGE TWINS: Trump shouldn’t be denouncing anyone

Recently, Rabbi Michael Barclay ran an article in this magazine calling for Donald Trump to denounce a group of people for their views. But we say that Trump shouldn’t denounce anyone. The concept of public denunciation is a communist struggle session. Trump is too smart to walk into that trap. Trump should never do a struggle session, not for the media, not for Joe Biden and the Democrats, not for the establishment GOP, not for anyone.

Public denunciation is for men who like to watch their wives get commandeered by other men.

Denouncing is falling into the trap of the media left, and it is not the right strategy for Trump or this movement. You win by bringing people together around a clear vision of success and the future. That means unity. When you engage in struggle sessions, you are distracting from that message. Trump has the best message in the world and he needs to stay on that. Plus, if you’ve been following the courtroom drama, he’s got enough to deal with already. All this would do is likely backfire, create more drama, distract from the message, and dip into the same cancel culture the left does.

Let’s lay out the facts. A commentator named Nick Fuentes was banned on Twitter under Jack Dorsey and now, under Elon Musk, he's back. And a lot of people have a problem with that. We should know, we had him on our podcast, and a lot of people had a problem with that too. We don’t care. We are free speech absolutists.

A bunch of people who were banned on Twitter have since been restored by Elon. They spoke their minds about Covid, election integrity, race, war and peace, sex and gender. Whether you agree with them or not, whether Trump agrees with them or not, or whether the going federal administration agrees with them or not, they have a right to speak.

Free speech is a tough concept for those who can't differentiate between what they believe and the God-given rights that were enshrined in our Constitution. The First Amendment is clear: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Now, for absolutists, free speech doesn't just mean Congress, but anyone who has control over Americans and their God-given, rightfully earned, right to speak. A classic cry from liberals used to be "I despise your views but I respect your right to voice them." Once Trump got elected, progressives freaked out and starting banning, deplatforming, and censoring anyone MAGA. It was un-American, it was emotional, and it was wrong. We can’t become as bad as them.

Cancel culture is retarded. We know it. Trump knows it. If you don’t like what somebody said have a conversation with them, have a debate, but don’t run around and try to have them shut down. That’s not what we do in this country—that’s what the woke do. We don’t need a Woke Right. Americans don't need to be told who to listen to and who not to listen to, actually. Americans are smarter than that—we know how to think things through and make our own opinions. We don’t need people policing free speech.

Americans know that no one should be told they can’t speak simply because some people find them offensive. Everyone gets to speak. That’s the deal. That’s what we have the First Amendment for. Joe Biden tells us that “no right is absolute,” but he’s a liar, he’s acting like a communist, and he has no respect for the constitution, our rights, or Americans. We do.

This election is an existential fight for the future of our country and Trump doesn’t need any distractions, and he knows what he is doing. He got elected by himself in 2016 when no one said it could be done. And he didn’t do that by denouncing people and struggle sessions. Let Trump be Trump. And as for us, no matter what you have to say, whether we are into it or not, we will always defend your right to say it. That includes everyone.

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