EXCLUSIVE: Andrew Giuliani explains how Michael Cohen perjured himself AGAIN

On Tuesday's episode of Human Events Daily, Jack Posobiec hosted Andrew Giuliani, son of former New York City mayor and lawyer Rudy Giuliani, as he was reporting live outside of the Donald Trump trial in New York City. He stated that "one of the biggest things to come out today happened right as the defense rested their case—they caught Michael Cohen in another perjury trap."

Giuliani explained that previously, Michael Cohen, Trump's former attorney, had described a relationship with attorney Robert Costello as a legal advisor. However, yesterday the District Attorney's office attempted to insinuate Costello had nefarious reasons for the relationship and was "seeking the fame" of representing Cohen. There was an email called into question from Costello's son sent to Costello reading "so proud to have you on the team."

"What Emil Bove, President Trump's defense attorney, actually exposed at the very, very end of his questioning was that that was not an original comment from Costello's son," Giuliani said. "That was in quotes. And who were they quoting? Michael Cohen. Again, connecting the dots. Michael Cohen says, 'I'm so happy to have you on the team. It's an honor to have you on the team'."

"And what did Michael Cohen say just a few short days ago, after he swore his hand on the Bible there?" he continued, "That Costello was never his lawyer. Cohen, perjured himself again, at the very, very end of the defense's case, and the defense rested."

Watch the full episode below.

Image: Title: Poso Giuliani