WATCH: German politician films himself licking public toilet seats

German politician Martin Nuemaier uploaded a video of himself licking public toilets at a railway station, according to local media reports.

Nuemaier, a Free Democratic Party (FDP) candidate for the district of Ostalb, was seen on video licking the metal fittings on a urinal and multiple toilet seats. He also made a mustache out of feces to roleplay as the former Chancellor Adolf Hitler, and put his tongue on toiletry items such as a cleaning brush, reports The News.

Nuemaier can be heard on video indicating that this was part of his "punishment," but he doesn't explain what he means by that.

Additionally, he posted explicit and unsettling video recordings of himself engaging in sexual activity online. In one video, according to the publication, Neumaier was heard singing "m*********** rectally with a s** toy.” He also sang in the German national song from the Nazi era. A number of his videos, which have since been censored, have gone viral on social media.

Neumaier is the FDP candidate in the next municipal elections in the Swabian city. 70,000 people are expected to cast ballots.

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