JACQUELINE TOBOROFF: The Met Gala shows who New York's leaders are really working for

May 6 was biblical. The 2024 Met Gala, whose theme, "Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion", went off without a hitch. It’s miraculous - just outside of the Met Museum (where the Anna Wintour, Vogue event is held), the rest of Manhattan was fair game for pro-Hamas demonstrators. Despite optical differences, the dueling events have true overlap: namely, that big-name Democrat donors and politicians support both the Met Gala and pro-Hamas demonstrations. 

Inside "fashion's biggest night," the cost of entry is $75,000 and a 10-person table starts at $350,000. The annual benefit, which has raised over $223.5 million for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute, is a rarefied moment lost in another galaxy. Americans, and certainly New York City taxpayers, aren’t feeling so costume-partyish in May 2024. The Citizens Budget Commission just released a poll; only half of all New Yorkers will remain in the city over the next five years. Anger over diminishing quality of life has skyrocketed post one party Democrat rule’s response to the pandemic. A publicized event of frivolity and make-believe as the world melts down, thanks to many in that room, epitomizes the disconnect. 

Singer Tyla dressed as an hourglass and was airlifted by servants. Lizzo dressed as a “vase.”

Pro-Hamas demonstrators kicked things off at 4 pm. It was another “day of rage for Gaza!” “Rage” is defined as violent and uncontrolled anger, a fit of violent wrath, and is derived from insanity. The notion that any of these pro-Hamas demonstrations are peaceful is outrageous when they are predicated on supporting an Islamist terrorist rape organization that is a designated enemy of the United States. 

National Students for Justice in Palestine, a radical, far-left organization leading riots on campuses and in the streets instructed; “We will be having our rally at 116th & Amsterdam at 4PM and meeting up with the community at 5 PM for the citywide rally in front of Hunter College.” Of the 300 plus Students for Justice of Palestine chapters, there is one at Columbia.  

Within Our Lifetime, a pro-Palestinian and anti-Zionist organization active in New York City teamed up with  NYU Palestine Solidarity Coalition and commanded, “Take your rage to the streets: join us for an emergency rally at the Gould Plaza steps @ 4pm & Hunter for the city-wide rally @ 5pm. NYU continues to fund genocide so we’ll continue to escalate. Long live the Student Intifada.” The definition of “intifada” is an armed uprising of Palestinians against Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Gaza isn’t in New York City; the “armed uprising” is aimed at Americans of European descent - whites.

It was a multi-pronged strategy to jihad in Manhattan, consuming resources and creating chaos uptown and downtown. However, police officers were concentrated on the Upper East Side. They created a human wall to protect the donors to these pro-Hamas foot soldiers. Barriers were used, road closures were put into place, and a border was created to separate the jihadis from the financiers. 

John D. Macari Jr, Retired NYPD Lieutenant says, “The [police] response will cost New York City taxpayers an excess of several million dollars. Dozens of officers were deployed multiple times to secure the Met Gala and several hundred to secure the rioters partaking in the ‘day of rage.’ It was reported that the NYPD called for a level 3 mobilization, meaning supervisors and cops from every NYPD Precinct, Transit District, & Public Service Area, along with dozens of specialty units and equipment, were deployed to contain the riots. This is expensive. Add in medical bills for officers who sustained injuries, the cost to arrest, process, and house the unlawful rioters, overtime, and damage to property. Then, there’s the cost to investigate the numerous complaints that will most certainly be filed by the rioters and the ACLU, along with the cost to defend or settle civil suits.” Additionally, businesses were forced to close early.

We learned, where there’s a will to tamp down on crime, there’s a swift way. Met Gala attendees like AOC, Alex Soros, Gigi Hadid, who support the pro-Hamas demonstrations, are the ones that were fiercely protected. Images of law-abiding citizens who didn’t make the cut at the gala also couldn't get deliveries, walk their dogs, or get an ambulance if they had a heart attack because of the unlawful mob.    

On the streets, pro-Hamas demonstrators set-off smoke bombs, vandalized, assaulted, and chanted “from the river to the sea.”  They conquered New York city, burning American flags and flying their victory “Palestinian” flag. They desecrated a World War I memorial in Central Park and at the site of the 107th Infantry Memorial, graffitied amongst other things, “Gaza.”

No one stopped them. 27 arrests were made, but it’s performative (undoubtedly all will be released without bail). In what war has a general ever said, “You can have this town if you like it; we’ll leave?” Possession is nine-tenths of the law. Pro-Palestine demonstrators, raising the “Palestinian” flag, must recognize that the Gazans elected Hamas, a designated terrorist group that recently sodomized Israeli women with knives and baked babies in ovens. Which is what they were elected to do, and may be the one thing which cowards like Mayor Adams and Governor Hochul could stand to imitate: the willingness to do what the voters want. We want these spoiled brats off the streets, out of their spineless colleges, and in jail. We want to be protected from them, not just the out-of-touch elites who throw money at them from within the safe confines of the Met Gala. So why aren’t our leaders listening?

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