JACK POSOBIEC: US aid to corrupt Ukraine 'helps oligarchs get rich' and 'politicians get kickbacks'

Jack Posobiec called out Ukraine's corruption on Tuesday's episode of Human Events Daily after it was revealed that millions of dollars of funds that were intended to aid Ukraine's northern border defense were diverted into fake companies.

Because of this, defensive fortifications were never built and Russians were able to launch an offensive on northern Ukraine with ease beginning on Monday. Even overwhelmingly pro-Ukraine journalists were baffled by this and Ukrainian military officials called the scandal a "betrayal."

"So the question is, where are the defensive fortifications like the Russians had at the Surovikin line during the counter-offensive of last summer?" Posobiec stated. "Where are those dug-in defenses? What, you've just got a couple of guys there with shovels or something digging trenches?"

He continued: "Where's all the money? Where's the 100 billion dollars, the 61 billion supplemental which was just sent? Where did it all go? Where were the minefields? Where were? Where were the entrenchments? Where were the concrete barriers?"

In April, US lawmakers passed a $60.8 billion package of additional aid for Ukraine, something that was heavily supported by House Speaker Mike Johnson. Democrats in the house celebrated by waving Ukrainian flags.

Poosbiec stated that "It's very clear what's going on. This is and has always been one of the most corrupt countries in Europe. This is one of the reasons, by the way, that they were not given admission to the European Union for all of these years and have still not been given an invitation to the European Union."

"This is one of the reasons that people had issues with Ukraine—because of corruption—it had nothing to do with politics," he said. "And so now when you've got a group like that, and you have that and you provoke them into a war with Russia, guess what happens? Oligarchs get rich. Politicians get kickbacks, and good, brave people die in the process."

Watch the full episode below.

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