JIM NELLES: No one would tolerate what is happening to Jews on college campuses if it were any other minority group

The pro-Hamas protests continued across the nation’s colleges and universities over the weekend. But, sadly, the hatred being spewed by the people who support those who raped men and women, and baked babies in ovens in front of their parents has increased in its vulgarity.

At Columbia University, crowds told Jewish students to “go back to Poland.” They chanted, “we don’t want no Zionists here.” Another protestor screamed at Jewish students, “the 7th of October is going to be every day for you!”

Commencement ceremonies are being canceled across the country. Schools are going to remote learning. All in a capitulation to the woke mob, funded by George Soros.

President Biden has remained silent about the protests, except to say that Americans have the right to exercise free speech.

The White House would not say if President Biden believes that pro-Hamas demonstrators should face disciplinary actions.

Biden campaign communications director Michael Tyler said that Biden’s response to demonstrations shows “he’s a president who understands and respects Americans’ fundamental First Amendment rights to peacefully protest.”

Meanwhile, former President Trump, the most pro-Israel and pro-Jewish American president in history, posted on Truth Social, “STOP THE PROTESTS NOW!!!”

Meanwhile, college administrators continue to fail the majority of their student body, by succumbing to the mob.

Columbia University ordered students to disperse by 2:00 PM Eastern on Monday, or face suspension. This order was defied by the pro-terrorist protestors. And yet, no action by the administration.

Many colleges have gone to remote learning, to avoid having to confront protestors. Weak-minded administrators at colleges such as the University of Southern California have gone as far as to cancel graduation ceremonies, to avoid conflict. Not only does this deny the COVID seniors who missed their high school senior prom and high school graduation, the ability to graduate in front of family and friends, it shows that these administrations would rather bow at the feet of the violent mob, than to ask law enforcement to protect students who want nothing more than to peacefully celebrate their collegiate accomplishments.

The faculty at Harvard University has demanded that police not disrupt the protests in Harvard Yard.

At Emory University, Atlanta Police, Georgia State Patrol, and Emory campus police were summoned to break up a pro-Hamas encampment that was set up last Thursday. But then, the president of the University, Greg Fenves, capitulated to the protestors, releasing a statement that said, “the fact that members of our community were arrested upsets me even more and is something that I take very seriously. To the best of our ability, we are working with law enforcement agencies to assist detained community members and expedite their release.”

Things are different in Texas and Florida.

At the University of Texas at Austin, the Assistant Chief of Campus Police, a man named Shane Streepy, posted to X that protestors are in violation of multiple penal code sections, and ordered his officers to arrest protestors.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has urged Florida colleges and universities to enforce their codes of conduct and break-up the anti-Jew protests, calling it a matter of will.

The cowardly response to pro-terrorist protests by the administrators of most of America’s college and university campuses begs a very important question. Instead of Jews, what if people were protesting against black, transgender, or gay students?

What if students at a southern university occupied the school’s football stadium, chanting, “from sea to shining sea, America will be free. Blacks, go back to Africa?”

What if students at a college in Oklahoma occupied the school’s administration building, demanding the school expel transgender and gay students because they feel those students are an affront to God?

Even worse, what if those students demanded the elimination of these minority groups?

Those colleges and universities would call the state police and the National Guard to arrest and prosecute those students. Those protestors would all immediately be expelled, doxed, and no longer allowed to participate in polite society.

How is this different than protestors demanding the elimination of Israel by chanting “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free?”

How is that different than telling Jewish students to “go back to Poland?”

We are at a tipping point in America. Will we accept the racism of pro-terrorist protestors who want to eliminate the Jewish population, or will we support the rights of a minority group that is being oppressed?

I know in which America I want to live.

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