Thousands march in Ireland to protest mass immigration

Thousands of protesters flooded the streets of Ireland on Monday after immigrants set up tents in makeshift encampments across Dublin over the weekend.

Irish ministers blamed the influx of asylum seekers on the UK's Rwanda plan. Justice Minister Helen McEntee stated that 91 percent of immigrants applying for asylum crossed into Ireland from Northern Ireland to avoid being deported, per Sky News.

Protesters marched and gathered in the capital, waving Irish flags and chanting "Sinn Fein are traitors."

The President of the Irish Freedom Party, Hermann Kelly, blasted the left-wing Sinn Fein party and told GB News that the protesters were sending a "very clear message" that "Ireland is full" and that the Irish homeless should be housed first.

He added that the "traitors" chant directed at Sinn Fein is a "new thing for Irish politics."

"I think Sinn Fein have been exposed as an open borders mass immigration party," he said. "And now that leaves room for a nationalist party like the Irish Freedom Party, which believes in democratic self-determination for the Irish people."

"They believe in the EU membership, subservience to the European Union. And we're opposed to all that," Kelly added.

Kelly addressed the crowd of protesters, asking them, "Are you happy that your country is being handed over to foreigners and you've become a minority?" to which the crowd responded "NO!"

Last Wednesday, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak stated that his country will not be accepting the return of migrants back from Ireland.

Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris hit back, saying that his country will not "provide a loophole" for the migration "challenges" that the UK is facing.

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