AVI ABELOW: Americans beware—The campus anarchy is not really about Israel

With each day, we are witnessing more and more scenes of blatant Jew-hating antisemitism on some of the most prestigious college campuses in America, including Harvard, Columbia, Penn, Brown, UCLA and many others.

On the face of it, it looks like it is an anti-Israel movement, since protestors are screaming chants having to do with Gaza and against Israel. However, the growing anarchy on US college campuses, in support of Hamas and the Oct. 7th massacre of Jews that took place in Israel, is much worse than that. 

At its core, it is actually an anti-America movement. 

All one has to do is look at who are the ones carrying the American flags. It’s not the pro-Hamas protestors preventing Jews from accessing their college campuses. The Jews who are counter protesting are the ones waving the American flags and the Israeli flags. 

The anti-Israel anarchists are waving flags of Hamas, flags of other recognized terrorist organizations like Hezbollah, and even flags with communist symbols.

Then you have some of the speeches by the leaders, cheered by on by the protestors. 

At a rally for Gaza at George Washington U. the speaker said: “There’s only one solution, intifada revolution. We must have a revolution so we can have a socialist reconstruction of the United States of America.”

At another campus protest rally the speaker said to cheers that this anti-settler revolution is about "smashing the Democratic party, Republican party and the whole capitalist, imperialist empire", meaning America.

And that is only two of many anti-America speeches at these campus takeovers.

On top of that, in a recent video going viral shows Ami Horowitz entering a New York University campus with just an American flag and he gets attacked for that. He never mentioned Israel at all. But he was attacked and pushed out of the encampment because he held an American flag.

Americans have to understand that we are witnessing a Marxist-Islamist revolution on US college campuses, with the goal of destroying America. 

Thankfully, the New York City Police went into NYC college campuses to make arrests and try to put an end to this anti-Israel and anti-America anarchy.

Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg said during a press conference that 280 arrests had been made at the Columbia and City University of New York, or Cuny, campuses. 

According to an article in the NY Post, of the 282 protesters cuffed and hauled away during a massive NYPD operation late Tuesday, 134 of them had zero affiliation with either school, according to law enforcement sources.

So what is going on? Or, to ask differently, what really is going on at these college campus takeovers that is hardly being told to the American public?

Basically, people have to understand that the Jewish state of Israel, and the Jews, are just the canary in the coal mine, as we always have been throughout history. The bad guys start by attacking the Jews because we are easy prey, a tiny people, but we are only the appetizer for the greater agenda.

This is not a new, spontaneous revolution taking place on US college campuses today. It has been in the works for decades.

Back in 1984, a Soviet KGB defector to the US, a man named Yuri Bezmenov, was interviewed on American television

Bezmenov explained how the Soviet Union had a long-term goal of ideologically subverting the United States of America. He described the process as a great "brainwashing", demoralizing America, by educating Americans with socialist ideals and anti-American values via the United States education system. 

Bezmenov mentioned in the interview, back in 1984, that the Soviet Union had already succeeded in brainwashing one generation of US college professors, and that after they succeed in brainwashing three generations of college professors, the process of America's downfall would be irreversible. He said that 40 years ago. 

Another way that the Soviet Union wanted to weaken the United States, this time diplomatically, was by creating a strategy to destroy Israel, viewed as a Western-influenced country in a Soviet-dominated Arab-Muslim Middle East.

A Romanian KGB official explained years ago how the Soviet Union invented the palestinian identity back in the early 1960s as part of a global strategy to develop hatred against the Jewish state of Israel, legitimize armed resistance to destroy Israel, and harm the interests of the United States of America.

One can say, that even though the Soviet Union no longer exists, their strategic approach, to create an invented identity called "palestinians" to destroy Israel, has succeeded to live way beyond the years of the Soviet Union.

On top of the decade-old Soviet strategy to destroy America, more and more information is being exposed about the influence of Qatar and Arab Muslim money that has influenced US college campuses over decades. As a recent NY Post article details, Qatar's strategy, via its funding of US Universities, and via its Al-Jazeera media empire in the West, is to promote the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood in America. 

The Muslim Brotherhood is an organization with the aim of also destroying the United States of America, as exhibited by documents introduced in the famous Holyland Foundation trial. A paper published by the Hudson Institute provides a comprehensive history on the development of the Mulsim Brotherhood in the United States and the implementation of its strategy to destroy the United States from within. 

As the son of Hamas recently tweeted on X: "This is not a conspiracy theory, this is a Muslim Brotherhood strategy". 

Hence, what America is experiencing right now is the next phase of a Marxist-Islamist, red-green, revolution to destroy America. The Jews, and the Jewish state of Israel are only the canary in the coal mine.

Americans, and American conservative influencers, who are turning on the Jews and the Jewish state of Israel, are being deceived. Israel and the Jews do not run America and are not a danger to the United States of America, the Marxist-Islamist revolution taking place on college campuses today is the real danger, decades in the making.

The best way to save America is for Americans to be educated about this decades-old strategy to destroy America, from the Marxist and Islamist directions. 

Harvard, Columbia and all the other US universities that have been compromised with Marxist brainwashing and Islamist funding can't be saved unless their staff is totally revamped from the Administration down to the Professors, because the existing staff only achieved their positions by following along with the influences of the Marxist-Islamist teachings. That is how Columbia University president Shafik is in her position despite publicly excusing terrorism after 9/11 explaining that terrorism is "a form of protesting against a system which is not delivering for them on the economic or the political front".

Those institutions can't be saved until they can be totally restaffed. They have fallen.

The only way to save America is by focusing on building up the institutions and organizations that provide Americans with Judeo-Christian and American values, in addition to educating them about the danger of the Marxist-Islamist revolution taking place in the streets across America right now.

Americans must wake up to what is really going on in order to save America. And the first step is understanding that the Jewish state of Israel and the Jewish people are the good guys in this story, fighting on the frontline of the whole freedom-loving world against this Marxist-Islamist partnership. 

Supporting the Jewish state of Israel today enhances America's ability to save itself as well. You let the frontline fall, and it makes the battle that much harder to win. 

Image: Title: columbia