JACQUELINE TOBOROFF: Both Joe Biden and Barack Obama prefer Iran to Israel – why?

To understand the foreign policy vision embraced by Joe Biden’s administration, we need to look back: specifically, at Biden’s old boss, Barack Obama. More specifically, we have to look at the Obama administration’s posture vis-à-vis Iran, which was – as far back as Obama’s infamous “apology tour” – one of appeasement and encouragement toward not just the Iranian regime, but all Middle Eastern autocracies. The theory behind this was vintage postcolonial guilt: Obama believed that the confidence America had projected abroad during the War on Terror had alienated Muslim nations, and sought to project an image that was supposed to be sensitive, but which really came off as weak. Small wonder that Obama was remembered by America’s allies as (at best) a fair-weather friend.

When you compare this vision with Donald Trump’s historic September 15, 2020 Abraham Accords, the contrast could not be more clear. For those who don’t recall, the Abraham Accords are an agreement ensuring Israeli and Arab normalization, upheld by Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain. Agreements like this not only isolate Iran; they functionally take it off the board.

To most Americans, this probably sounds like good news. But to the Barack Obamas of the world, it’s a disaster. Obama, arguably the most anti-Israel president in modern times (who even now is making excuses for the Hamas terrorists), sought to realign America toward an alliance with Iran. Agreements like the Abraham Accords make that impossible.

Consider July 14, 2015, when Obama announced a nuclear deal with Iran. That “deal” consisted of a short-term freeze of portions of Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for a lifting of economic sanctions on the regime. The objective was, supposedly, to work towards a long-term agreement. Admirable? In theory, maybe, but in practice, a small child could easily identify the danger this “deal” posed to the United States. To wit: since 1979, Iran has been at war with America. It kidnapped the entire Carter American embassy in Tehran, where hostages were kept for 444 days (November 4, 1979 to January 20, 1981). Yet under Obama’s nuclear “deal”, Iran was given over $150 billion in cash.

What do you suppose happened? Obviously, Iran got busy, using the money to unleash hell in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Iraq. To this day, it supports proxy terrorists and Shia militia groups, posing a direct threat to the homeland and U.S. interests abroad. It supports Hezbollah, which is active in the Middle East, Latin America, and America, where Hezbollah operatives have been arrested for terroristic activities perpetrated within our borders. Most notably, Iran finances Hamas, and everything that comes with them: terror tunnels, hostages, murder, and torture, included. And they have no plans to stop. The Ayatollah has said flat out that whether he reaches some illusory “deal” or not with America, “we will never stop supporting our friends in the region and the people of Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain and Lebanon.”

Again, compare this to Donald Trump’s foreign policy vision, which treats Iran as it deserves: by neutralizing them rather than appeasing them. The intent behind the Abraham Accords is that all Arab nations become allies with Israel. Saudi Arabia is at the heart of the deal, being the world's largest oil producer, accounting for roughly 15% of global output. Iran, for this reason, has Saudi Arabia in its crosshairs. Not that it matters, because unlike Obama, Trump reimposed sanctions on Iran under (ironically) the “snapback” provision of the 2015 nuclear deal. As Mike Pompeo, Trump’s Secretary of State at the time, put it, “Our actions today are a warning that should be heard worldwide. No matter who you are, if you violate the U.N. arms embargo on Iran, you risk sanctions.”

It's because of actions like this that, under President Trump, there were no new wars.

That all stopped when Joe Biden assumed the presidency, and not only sought to reverse the Abraham Accords, but to return to Obama’s foreign policy with a vengeance. Nor was this confined to the realm purely of policy; Biden even named former Obama aide Robert Malley as special U.S. envoy for Iran in January 2021. To be fair, Malley was a key player in shaping the Democratic Party's Middle East policy. To be accurate, in 2023, Malley’s security clearance was suspended because he may be a spy for…Iran. You can’t make this up.

In addition, the Biden administration has been financing Hamas. Per the New York Post, it has “knowingly and unlawfully” given over $1.5 billion of taxpayers money to Gaza and the West Bank, to “subsidize” Palestinian terror groups like Hamas, according to a lawsuit brought by Representative Ronny Jackson and victims of past terror attacks in Israel. This is on top of the months-long Iran sanctions relief campaign which took in over $50 billion, which further enabled the terrorist regime’s ability to sponsor terrorism.

And that’s only the financial support which Biden has given to Hamas; his administration has also provided ample verbal support. For example, National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby says Biden doesn’t “believe” that Iran’s overnight attacks against Israel should escalate. Which may explain why Biden’s administration also counseled Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to ‘slow things down’ after Iran’s recent attack against his homeland. Thankfully, Netanyahu didn’t listen.

However, it may be worse even than that. According to the Jerusalem Post, “Iran informed Turkey in advance of its planned operation against Israel, a Turkish diplomatic source told Reuters on Sunday, adding that the US conveyed to Iran via Ankara that its operation must be ‘within certain limits.’" Mike Davis, former Chief Counsel for Nominations to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley and president of the Article III Project responded to this shocking news the perhaps the only reasonable question: “Biden approved Iran’s attack on Israel? Is this real?”

Apparently so. Because at heart, if Biden is even running his own White House, then he surely agrees with Obama that it would be better (somehow) to leave the Middle East in the stewardship of the bloodthirsty clerics of Tehran than in the hands of Israel. Whether this is entirely Biden (or Obama’s) fault and not the fault of the accused spies and traitors staffing their administrations is an almost academic question. Yes, when the likes of John Kerry – the accused traitor in question – and of Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s former senior adviser and co-chair of the Obama-Biden transition project, who was born in Iran and lived there, are in charge of the staff, then personnel becomes policy. But as Teddy Roosevelt famously said, “The buck stops here.” So why did Obama and Biden mercilessly try to distance America from an ally like Israel in favor of bitter enemy like Iran? The answers have remained elusive, except for bromides about the alleged “power-hunger” of Bibi Netanyahu. But one thing is certain: they do very much want to do just that. Witness the recent attempt by Iran to launch over 330 drones, low-flying cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles at Israel, an attack which was mercifully shot down before it could do damage. “Take the win”, Biden instructed Israel, seemingly unaware of the irony: when it came to the Abraham Accords, which were a win for Israel and the United States, if not for Iran, his administration refused to take the win. Someone should ask why.

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