Leading UK child abuse prevention group accused of grooming children in gender ideology: whistleblower

A former volunteer at The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) in the UK has made alarming allegations, claiming that the organization was grooming children with transgender beliefs. 

Julia Marshall, who was with the organization for over 30 years, said that it was “completely captured” by the LGBT lobbying group, Stonewall

Marshall revealed in an interview with The Telegraph that as a volunteer, she was instructed to ask school-age children about their preferred pronouns when working with them. She expressed concern that volunteers were pressured to affirm children's choices of gender, even in situations unrelated to protecting them from physical or sexual abuse.

The whistleblower's concerns date back to 2019 when she noticed her supervisor in Hertfordshire including preferred pronouns in emails. In the summer of 2022, Marshall attended “refresher” training with about 15 others at a university campus in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, where she encountered what she described as "a very different NSPCC" from what she had known.

During training sessions, NSPCC staff were allegedly informed that "most people" do not consider themselves completely straight or gay. Marshall was particularly taken aback by a session focused on pronouns and transgender children, especially given that the discussion centered on children under the age of 11.

“They had a whole session on pronouns and transgender children. I was astounded because we were talking about primary school children under 11. I said ‘What on earth is going on?’ I really did feel like I was an alien. Everyone was like ‘No this is a thing, this is happening, it’s normal,'” Marshall said to the Times.

“I said ‘How can you not see as a charity that this is a safeguarding risk,’” she added.

Marshall went on to state that following the training session, she attempted to debate the issue with her supervisors but was unsuccessful.

“At that stage, I hadn’t seen what (trans advice) was on their website, but then I looked and thought they’d really lost the plot. I thought I can’t work for this charity any more. It’s been completely captured by Stonewall.” she explained.

The controversial Stonewall organization has long campaigned for children to be allowed to change their gender.

According to a spokesperson for NSPCC, the organization does not have an official partnership with Stonewall, but engaged with the group “to hear from communities that are often under-represented.”

The NSPCC was established over a century ago to combat child mental, physical, and sexual abuse.

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