DAVID MARCUS: Biden's push of 'trans visibility' on Easter Sunday was an attack on Christianity

This Easter the President of the United States and his White House made a clear and distinct decision to force Transgender Day of Visibility into the spotlight on the holiest day of the Christian calendar. At first this was denied. We were told that Biden had simply signed a standard declaration celebrating the holiday which we were given to understand has been held on March 31st since 2009. But then, on Easter Sunday itself, the social media posts started rolling in.

Biden praised Transgender Day of Visibility, then his Vice President Kamala Harris, then Department of Justice U.S. Attorneys joined the onslaught. So spare us, please, this was not Joe Biden scratching out his John Hancock to name a post office after some popular little league coach in Poughkeepsie. It was a slap in the face of all Christians. It was little different from the climate protesters chanting support for Hamas who interrupted Easter services at St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. 

Just like Joe Biden, those protesters were saying that what they were upset about matters more than Christians’ ability to celebrate the resurrection of their Lord and Savior in peace. It is a tactic we see over and over again against Christians, and generally only against Christians. Let's be honest, if Christians had invaded a mosque in New York City to protest during services they would be in jail facing hate crimes. 

This cynical method of attacking Christians is becoming more and more common and it has two central moves.

The first part of this operation is cloyingly and annoyingly familiar. It involves that uniquely Leftist penchant to insist everyone be made “uncomfortable” in order to facilitate social change. Oh, did you want to watch your kid react joyously to his Easter basket followed by Mass and a nice dinner? Sorry, you have to spend today being miserable thinking about how bigoted you are towards trans people. It is literally the job of the Left, they assure us, be they politicians, actors, or pop singers, to make us all as uncomfortable as possible. Thanks. 

But this is only the beginning, the second part of the operation is actually far more insidious.

You see, once you have been made sufficiently uncomfortable you are primed for your Christian faith to be used against you by people who don’t know the Catechism from a Christmas Tree. They will insist that if Jesus were here today—which He is, though they don’t actually acknowledge that—He would say that you must embrace transgenderism on the grounds that He loved everyone.

This is, of course, a facile and ultimately self serving version of a Christ who basically tells you to do whatever you want. Furthermore, this historical Jesus who they cite is not the Son of God who still lives with us, but rather just another moral philosopher. They are not discussing Christianity, but rather a Western set of moral precepts based on Christianity, which is not remotely the same thing. 

In fact, cafeteria Catholic Joe Biden is pushing almost exactly the Islamic version of Jesus Christ, one in which Jesus is a great teacher and all around nice guy, but not to be taken too seriously or literally. This is precisely how Catholic Joe Biden finds himself as the head of a political party that not only condones, but openly celebrates abortion. And make no mistake, many of these summer soldiers of the sacred honestly believe that Christ would condone murdering a baby in the womb. It’s not that far a stretch.

But if there was, on this past Easter Sunday, a bright side to Biden’s betrayal of his faith, it was indeed in the backlash. And I don’t just mean the angry responses from Christians who will no longer be bullied by the woke left on the basis of their supposed privilege, I do not just mean the protesters at St Pat’s being manhandled away from the altar. What I really mean are the three word messages like, “He is Risen.” What I really mean are the pictures of happy families and flowers and wonderful meals celebrating life conquering death.

And yes, of course Christ compels us to love those who identify as transgender, just as He compels us to love doctors who mutilate children on the basis of fashionable psychobabble. You see, those of us who worship the Lord Jesus Christ understand very well that He loved the sinner and hated the sin. For us, there is no contradiction in this, in fact, in its great mystery, this concept opens up not only God’s love, but the eternal life promised and proved on Easter. 

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