Gunmen suspected of Moscow terror attack captured, Putin vows to make them pay

On Saturday, Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed that the terrorists who attacked a concert hall in Moscow were apprehended while they tried to escape Russia across the border of Ukraine, and he vowed to make those responsible pay.

In a statement, Putin claimed, "They tried to escape. They were moving toward the border with Ukraine." He added, "We have data that suggests that they were about to be moved to the territory of Ukraine, by those in Ukraine."

"Our emergency services everyone is, our investigators are working on finding out the orchestrators of this terrorist attack, those who gave them transportation, who gave them weapons, etcetera," Putin continued. "All the orchestrators, all those who are responsible for this crime will inevitably be found responsible. They will pay. We will identify everyone who stands behind the service, and they will pay."

According to the Daily Mail, 11 people have been detained in connection with the terrorist attack on the Crocus concert hall, which left 115 dead on Friday. Two of them were apprehended near the village of Teply, near the Belarus and Ukraine border. Four others escaped from the stop.

In a statement, Ukraine's foreign ministry denied any involvement in the attack. "We categorically reject accusations of Ukraine's alleged involvement in the shooting at the Crocus concert hall in Krasnogorsk near Moscow," the ministry stated.

Friday evening, as little as three and as many as five men entered the Crocus City Hall Music venue and opened fire with automatic weapons, before the building was caught on fire. One eyewitness said, "They act like trained and trained fighters.”

Later, the Terrorist organization ISIS claimed responsibility for with a report stating, "A security source told Amaq Agency: Islamic State fighters attacked a large gathering of Christians in the city of Krasnogorsk on the outskirts of the Russian capital, Moscow, killing and wounding hundreds and causing great destruction to the place before they withdrew to their bases safely."

Image: Title: Putin