OLIVER GHORBANIFAR: Biden's Gaza plan is a harebrained disaster

As the 2024 election looms, President Joe Biden’s administration has unveiled a bold yet entirely ill-conceived plan: sending American troops into the war-torn Gaza Strip to establish a humanitarian ocean pier. Why exactly, you may ask? To deliver aid to the citizens of Gaza who are currently caught in a brutal war between Israel and Hamas.

But beneath Biden’s thin veneer of compassion lies a dangerous gamble that risks American lives, exacerbates regional tensions, and diverts attention from more pressing global threats.

In addition to the dozens of obvious problems with the new scheme, President Biden’s team seems to have skipped the crucial step of defining a clear endgame for their insane new venture.

What exactly does success look like? How will the humanitarian pier alleviate the suffering of Gaza’s citizens in the long term? Will American soldiers become the target of bullets and suicide bombs? Will Israel government even allow them access to the coastline at all? These questions remain unanswered. Without a comprehensive plan, America risks sinking ever resources into a project that lacks any kind of sane strategic vision.

In addition, sending American troops into a volatile conflict zone is a perilous and reckless move. While the administration insists, in a classical act of Orwellian doublespeak, that there will be “no boots on the ground,” the reality is that our military personnel will be operating directly  in Gaza (one of the most dangerous and chaotic places in the world) as there is no other way of creating such a ‘humanitarian pier’ without them doing so.  

Even if they remain a few yards offshore, their safety will be at serious risk everyday.

Furthermore the chaos and barbarity of this current war knows no boundaries, and any escalation could draw our forces into direct confrontation with one, or both sides.

The lives of our servicemen and women would then be at the mercy of the twisted logic of the jihadist terrorists that still infest much of Gaza, to say nothing of the potential danger of off course Israel bombs and missiles.

But there is certainly a reason why the administration is trying to push forward with such a hairbrained scheme right now: Biden’s plummeting approval ratings have forced his team to start grasping at whatever straws they can. Desperate to regain support— especially from Muslim voters in states like Michigan, as well as the far-left in general—they’ve now concocted this high-stakes gamble.

Of course nothing short Biden imposing a unilateral ceasefire or directly declaring war on Netanyahu’s government will placate such voters anyway, so even if the scheme is partially successful it is unlikely to placate the wayward leftists team Biden is desperately trying to court.

However, history has taught us that military interventions in the Middle East rarely unfold as planned.

The Gaza Strip is a tinderbox of competing interests, with Hamas, Israel, Iran and other regional players jockeying for dominance.

 Inserting American troops into this volatile mix risks entangling us in yet another protracted conflict with no plan and no obvious escape route. We need only look at the disasters in Afghanistan and Iraq to see the devastating consequences of such adventures.

Furthermore, while President Biden’s gaze is fixed squarely on Gaza, a more significant threat looms: China’s unchecked ambitions.The rising superpower is expanding its influence across the globe, from Africa to the South China Sea, to cyberspace.

By diverting even more attention to Gaza, we risk neglecting our strategic competition with China, which, in many ways, is at the core of America’s real strategic interests. Our focus should be on countering Beijing’s economic, military, and technological provocations, not getting bogged down in yet another mid-east quagmire.

President Biden’s plan to establish a humanitarian pier in Gaza may be designed to tug at our heartstrings, but it lacks wisdom and any kind of coherent planning. We cannot afford to sacrifice more American lives for a poorly defined and unnecessary mission in a part of the world we shouldn’t even be to begin with.

The pier plan is yet another Hail Mary pass from team Biden to vainly try and salvage a failed presidency, and, unfortunately, it’s likely going to end in tears.

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