EXCLUSIVE: Senator Ron Johnson blasts Biden admin for doing 'everything they can' to prevent Israel from destroying Hamas

Jack Posobiec hosted Wisconsin Senator Ron Jonnson on Human Events Daily Monday where he shared his thoughts on the Biden administration's handling of the Israel-Hamas war after the president announced he would be involving the US Navy in the conflict.

Johnson revealed that he believes the notion of the US military becoming involved in the Middle East is "a multimillion-dollar PR stunt" that would take 2 months to come to fruition.

"Hopefully this war is over before two months," he said. "I think it probably would be had the Biden administration not interfered with what Israel is trying to do."

"In the end, they have to destroy Hamas and the Biden administration is trying to do everything they can to prevent them from doing so," he stated.

He illustrated how Hamas is most likely holding out on potential deals for hostage releases because they've noticed that the US has "started dictating Israel's actions."

Hamas does so, Johnson explains, "thinking that they can just wait out Israel and they can just wait for public opinion, world public opinion to eventually come to their side, like people just completely forgot about the brutal slaughter of October 7."

Around 134 Israeli hostages remain in Hamas captivity since the October 7 massacre.

He continued: "And now they're focusing on the very regrettable civilian casualties in the war. But let's face it, it wasn't Israel declaring war on Hamas, Hamas declared war on Israel, they broke the ceasefire and Hamas needs to be destroyed."

Watch the full episode below.

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