EXCLUSIVE: Roger Stone on Tulsi Gabbard as potential Trump VP pick: 'She is against the war machine'

Jack Posobiec hosted ex-advisor to Donald Trump, Roger Stone, on Human Events Daily Wednesday to hear his thoughts on the chance of former Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard becoming Trump's Vice President. While Stone said he would back whoever Trump chooses, he came to the defense of the Representative from Hawaii.

Stone said that whoever does assume the VP position must "stand up to the war machine" and be "America First."

"President Nixon used to tell me when looking for a vice presidential running mate, don't look for someone who can help you, just choose someone who does not hurt you," he revealed.

In his view, it would be extremely helpful to Trump to have a running mate who "has been through a presidential campaign and understands the extent to which those jackals in the fake news media are going to be out to trick you or to force you into a mistake from day one."

The 3 candidates who meet this criteria are Vivek Ramaswamy, Ben Carson and Tulsi Gabbard, who now categorizes herself as Independent.

Additionally, Gabbard is a lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve and a combat veteran in Iraq and Kuwait.

In regards to criticism that she ran as a Democrat candidate and then endorsed Bernie Sanders, Stone reminded the audience that Trump was once "strongly pro-abortion" and Ronald Reagan was an "extremely liberal New Deal Democrat."

While Gabbard backed Sanders for his anti-war views, she disagreed with many of his economic and social views.

Gabbard, he said, "is an outspoken opponent to more funding for Ukraine."

He said "she's had an evolution in her thinking," exemplified by her newfound support of Second Amendment rights. She was in fact just competing in a shooting contest in Arizona.

"So based on her experience in the military, based on her service as a former Democrat, based on her service as a former vice chairman of the Democratic Party, based on her great energy, the fact she's a championship surfer, I think she has the energy, the experience," Stone stated. "I think she has the charisma to bring some new votes to the table."

"You want somebody who is fearless who can go into a debate with Kamala Harris and take her to the cleaners. And Tulsi Gabbard has already demonstrated her ability to do that," he said, adding that Gabbard can appeal to millennials and even "disaffected Democrats."

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