ANTHONY WATSON: Drunk, naked illegal immigrant released on bail after attacking Amazon delivery driver

A driver for Amazon was reportedly attacked by an illegal immigrant under the influence of alcohol who was exposing himself on a Brooklyn street corner before the altercation.

On Sunday afternoon, the delivery driver who identified himself as Abu, claimed to have been arriving at a residence at Clinton Hill in Brooklyn when he saw an immigrant drinking from a beer bottle and masturbating, according to Fox News Digital.

Abu claimed that he attempted to stop the 26-year-old migrant, Yeison Sanchez, who reportedly lives at an immigrant shelter located near the corner where the incident occurred.

“I was unloading my stuff, and a guy – he was like a pervert,” the Amazon driver told The New York Post, noting that the man was undressed at the waist.

“I told him, ‘Hey, what are you doing?’ And he went into my van where all my mail and everything was at, and I pushed him away, and he ran towards me like he was going to aggressively hit me.”

In a quick response, Abu said that he picked up a large chunk of ice from the ground and used it in self-defense to stop the illegal immigrant from attacking him.

“I picked up a piece and I socked him with it and he went down on his butt,” Abu told The Post, adding that he then saw nearby police officers and called them over for assistance.

“[Sanchez] was telling [the police] in Spanish that I punched him in the face,” Abu said. “I told them ‘There’s cameras around, you can probably find something.’ They said there were no cameras. After a while it turned into a ‘He said, she said’ thing and that’s how it went.” 

Police arrested Abu and charged him with third-degree assault. The Amazon driver was later released on a desk appearance ticket. Sanchez, however, was charged with petit larceny, public lewdness, and the consumption of alcohol on public streets, though he was released without bail on Monday.

Just last month, a group of illegal immigrants staying in a temporary shelter attacked New York Police Department officers, brutally beating them in what officials claim was a coordinated attack. All of the migrants involved in the assault were released from custody without bail, despite one of the offenders’ history of prior arrests for assault and robbery.

Thursday, another group of migrants staying in New York at the shelter on Randalls Island began attacking police officers. In a video captured of the incident, migrants can be heard screaming at the officers in Spanish and seen throwing objects at officers who were attempting to make an arrest.

“The overwhelming number of immigrants, migrants, asylum-seekers, they want to be here and do what’s right. Those violent ones, we need to immediately have them removed from our city,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams told La Mega 97.9 FM on Thursday following the incident.

This piece first appeared at TPUSA.

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