KENNY CODY: Trump's approach has redefined electability

With the GOP Presidential Primary expected to end on March 5th, most have seen the demise of the moderate GOP campaign with the disastrous 2024 bid of Nikki Haley. While some naysayers and Never-Trumpers thought Haley could be the alternative for establishment and neoconservative GOP primary voters to flock to during this primary season, President Donald Trump has proven that his appeal to independents, hardcore Republicans, and moderates is working more now than it ever has during his time as a Republican presidential candidate. The 45th President has centered his campaign around securing the border, annihilating the deep state that has gone after him and many conservatives, as well as establishing a sense of revenge that Trump defined as ‘success.’

Trump’s approach to the 2024 campaign differs from any other candidate who has run over the past hundred years. He and his staff are coordinating a nationwide effort to recruit voters based upon what he did in his first term, ideas to oppose Biden, and counteracting establishment ideologies that would give power to federal government bureaucrats. For his past success, Trump can hone in on how his first term as President saw no new wars, a closed border through U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement protection funding, and economic policies that prioritized nationalism over foreign interests from countries like Russia, China, and Iran.

He no longer has to campaign to oppose COVID-19 restrictions or the economic harms that came from it. Instead, Trump can finally concentrate on the accomplishments that made him one of the most economically stable presidents in two centuries while making hits on how much the Biden Administration has failed the American general populace over the past four years. An open border, foreign policy disasters like Afghanistan and Jordan, as well as incoherent incompetency reported by select committees over the current President are all targets in the crosshairs of the Trump campaign.

The ‘electability’ argumentative attacks on Trump have also been cast aside by most of the conservative right and its candidates. Not only does he have a lead over Joe Biden nationally in polling averages, but he is leading in nearly every swing state by sustainable margins in the lead-up to his November rematch over Joe Biden. While Nikki Haley has attempted to make her argument that she is more electable than Trump, voters have resoundingly rejected her in all but two counties through three primary states. The Nikki Haley brand of Republicanism is the modern-day version of the ‘unelectable’ candidate. The only path forward to Republicans winning not only GOP primaries but general elections as well is to embrace the America First model that Donald Trump founded as the new GOP label. Without Trump, the Republican Party would have died in 2016 and would have passed this year if he had not entered the race.

2024 is the breaking point for the GOP and the rest of the country. Republican candidates across the nation have no choice but to embrace the Trumpian ideology of America First foreign, economic, and domestic policy and restore order to the great country of The United States. Trump is the standard and will set the precedent for the future of the GOP moving forward.

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