LIBBY EMMONS: The Left decides slavery is fine so long as it brings in migrants

A single lady in Brookline, Mass has opened up her apartment to a family of Haitian illegal immigrants who'd previously been sleeping on the floor at Boston's Logan Airport. One of the nicest things about the arrangement, Lisa Hillebrand told local news, is that it feels like she has a personal chef.

A white woman is housing illegal immigrants and in exchange they are cooking for her. One wonders if they are doing the cleaning, too. This family has no money other than what is given them by the government, they are looking for work, but in the meantime, Hillebrand is the beneficiary, offering nothing but housing for help with chores, cooking, and whatever else. 

While the report makes a point of saying that Wildande Joseph, the Haitian mom, enjoys cooking, it's also undoubtedly true that a woman who finds herself at the mercy of another for food and shelter for her family will do whatever she has to do to make sure she earns her keep. Surely the NGOs that set this up must know that free servants is what the host-home is gaining from this arrangement.

Seriously, step back and do the math: a family of illegal immigrants comes into the country presumably looking for a better life. After many nights sleeping on the floor of an airport, they are swept up by a local NGO and placed into a local home where they cook for the residents of that home earning no income. Is this what passes for leftist compassion these days?

Local news loved this feel good story about the white lady showing her noblesse oblige by sharing her home in the fancy neighborhood with a man, his wife, and their two-year-old child. "A migrant family from Haiti," gushed the local NBC news man, "is sharing their experience searching for shelter in the Boston area, and recently found a host home in Brookline. And now they're looking for jobs."

What would be a good name for this kind of arrangement? A family lives in a woman's home, serves her, is provided nothing other than shelter, no wages to speak of, and the woman is praised for her largesse? Surely, everyone can tell that this is indentured servitude at best, and outright slavery at worst. 

What else would you call it when a nice white lady imports a group of impoverished black people into her home in exchange for no pay? Is supporting that really where liberal media has landed? NBC thinks it's a great idea. So too does the government of Massachusetts. In fact, this was the government's idea.

In August, Massachusetts Lt. Governor Kim Driscoll told Bay Staters "If you have an extra room or suite in your home, please consider hosting a family. Safe housing and shelter is our most pressing need." Governor Healey didn't propose a law, and she didn't draft any executive orders requiring residents to open their homes to total strangers, but that would be unconstitutional, after all.

In January, Healy commandeered a recreation center in a black Roxbury neighborhood to house 125 illegal immigrant families. The state's Immigrant Refugee and Advocacy Coalition gives out housing, furniture, food, clothing, transportation, language classes, and job training. They help get social security cards, children into schools, and offer access to "community partners" who give even more assistance.

A new program in the state, being tested for one year, is giving $8 million from the supplemental budget to help illegal immigrant families. They provide legal services, case management, help with housing, and give money to nonprofits to resettle illegal immigrants in the state. International Institute of New England, Eliot Community Human Service, HomeBASE, appears to be among those who will benefit from the illegal immigrant crisis plaguing Massachusetts.

The state's Office of Refugee Resettlement serves "Afghan and Iraqi special immigrant visa holders, Amerasians, asylees, Cuban/Haitian entrants, human trafficking victims, legal permanent residents, and refugees" and finds ways to integrate these groups into the state.

Local non-profit LexRAP helps to place individuals or small families into host-homes, these include so-called asylum seekers. Millions of so-called asylum seekers cross illegally into the US every year and even Biden's Department of Homeland Security has said that a vast majority of those will be found to be ineligible for asylum. Are these the people nonprofits are housing in host-homes? The asylum system is one in which all a person must do is claim that they are seeking asylum to be granted access to a vast array of resources.

The Haitian family told a reporter that these last few weeks have been life changing, apparently. And for the white lady used to living alone, it's like having a free family to wait on her. NBC spent some time in the home where the Haitian mother was preparing a meal. It works out great, the white lady said, because the illegal immigrant mom loves to cook. 

"It's a delight," Hillebrand says, "and it's really fun having them. What I realized is there's so much prejudice against refugees, mostly because people don't know them."

"Lisa says she feels like she has her own personal chef," the reporter says, "as Wildande Joseph loves cooking." Wildande wants to open up a restaurant, apparently. 

"I feel great helping," Hillebrand said, "and I get to understand the refugee crisis from the inside." Hillebrand is expressing an idea here that many liberals have shunned over the past few decades, the idea that the noble elites have an obligation to help the lesser among them. 

In this case, the idea is that a white lady living in an affluent neighborhood should open her home to free servants who cook for her. While Hillebrand provides shelter, however, the taxpayer funds everything else. Those with extra rooms gain free labor while taxpayers bear the burden.

All of which is to say that, once more, Democrats are subsidizing the very practice their party spent most of the Civil War defending, and (somehow) doing it under cover of antiracism and accepting refugees. It would be funny, if it weren’t so outrageous.

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