ANTHONY WATSON: Can the Left import voters faster than it loses them?

As the 2024 election season unfolds, the Democratic Party's stance on illegal immigration is drawing widespread criticism, with many rightfully pointing out that the party is currently prioritizing illegal immigrants over their own constituents.

For decades, the Democratic Party has heavily relied on specific demographic groups, particularly black and Hispanic communities, to secure votes in both state and federal elections. Many of the party’s policies, ranging from welfare to prison reform, have been tailored to appeal to these groups. However, it now appears that the party is taking these votes for granted and shifting focus towards a new target: illegal immigrants.

While Democratic leaders often present their immigration policies as altruistic efforts to assist asylum seekers, there are indications that some within the party view immigration as a means to enhance their electoral advantage. This is evident in proposals in cities like New York, where extensive efforts have been made in just the last few years to grant certain voting rights to illegal immigrants.

New York, which has declared itself to be a "sanctuary state" for illegal immigrants, has gone to great lengths to accommodate them, even as a substantial number of them are bussed in from border states like Texas.Taxpayer funds are being utilized to house undocumented individuals in luxury hotels and public school gymnasiums, sparking frustration among minority communities already grappling with their own challenges in New York City.

These policies have prompted celebrities, traditionally aligned with the left, to voice discontent over the Democratic Party's prioritization of illegal immigrants over struggling Americans. Rapper 50 Cent recently called out NYC Mayor Eric Adams for the amount of money allocated to illegal immigrants in prepaid credit cards. Cardi B Echoes this sentiment, expressing frustration over the rise in crime associated with illegal immigration.

Even sports broadcaster Stephen A. Smith, who has publicly stated his history of voting for Democrat candidates, has criticized the party, suggesting that their failure to prioritize American citizens may pave the way for Donald Trump's reelection. 

“I see homeless folks in the streets of New York all the time that are American citizens,” Smith ranted on his TV program last week. “I damn sure see them in California. We’ve got poor, impoverished, starving people who were born and raised in this nation. How in the hell do we come up with a $53 million pilot program for illegals — but folks who are here legally or born here — we don’t have enough for them?”

It is obvious that the ongoing influx of illegal immigrants from the southern border is prompting many to ask why we should allow such large numbers of immigrants into the country amidst existing challenges such as inflation, rising crime, and homelessness.

This discontent is not confined to just celebrities; ordinary citizens in black and Hispanic neighborhoods across the nation are starting to wake up and realize they are being neglected. This makes it the perfect time for Republicans to be the party of sensibility and reason by explaining how they can fix the problems that everyday Americans are facing.

It is clear that the Democratic Party’s plan for this election cycle and beyond is to import votes. By implementing an open-border policy that attempts to give illegal immigrants citizenship as soon as possible, the left thinks that it can create an endless supply of democratic voters. But with this strategy comes the increasing likelihood that current democratic voters become so disenfranchised with their party that they are willing to vote for Republicans.

So, a pressing question now looms over the Democratic Party: will minority groups, who have long been steadfast supporters, awaken to their neglect, or will they be successfully replaced by a new demographic enticed by the promises of handouts and empty gestures?

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