Finnish airline to weigh passengers before flights as well as carry-ons

Passengers will simultaneously stand on a scale while carrying their carry-on luggage and wearing all of their clothing for a combined reading. - sub  

An airline announced a new policy that includes weighing passengers before takeoff as a safety precaution

On Monday, the Finnish airline, Finnair, had passengers step on the scale before departing Helsinki. Passengers were weighed with their carry-on luggage to get a better estimate of the plane's weight before take-off. Finnair spokesperson Kaisa Tikkanen told the Daily Mail that "so far, more than 500 volunteer customers have participated in the weigh-ins." 

The airline stated that the weigh-ins are conducted to ensure a safe transit and balancing the flight by determining the combined weight of the aircraft, its interior, and passengers. The weigh-ins are on a voluntary basis and will take place in February, April, and May. 

The aviation authorities provide average weights of 88 kilograms, which airlines may use, or compile their own data, according to the statement. 

Satu Munnukka, the head of ground processes at Finnair, ensured that customer weigh-ins would not be collected as personal data. 

"Only the customer service agent working at the measuring point can see the total weight, so you can participate in the study with peace of mind," said Munnukka. 

Communications director Päivyt Tallqvist told the Huffington Post that passengers would simultaneously stand on a scale while holding their carry-on luggage and wearing all of their clothing for a combined reading. 

Tallqvist explained that the Finnish people tend to bring heavier clothing with them in the winter months which can impact the weight of the plane. 

"This is part of having a very strong safety culture in our organization," said Tallqvist. 

"We want to see if the data we're using for calculations is accurate. We use them for every flight, and they're important for the aircraft's performance," the director added. "When you explain this to [passengers], they understand." 

However, not everyone was thrilled by the announcement, and irate individuals took the time to express their outrage over the policy on social media. 

Some called the policy cruel and harmful, which would make for an embarrassing event for the airline's overweight passengers. They vowed to boycott Finnair while the policy is in place. 

One individual has lashed out at the airline on X and stated that she would not be traveling Finnair because she "won't be fat-shamed by a bloody airline." 

Another irate user chimed in and said: "Finnair are to start weighing their passengers? Have I read that correctly? I am utterly shocked! And disgusted." 

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