LIBBY EMMONS: The only acceptable border deal would be one that closes the border

The only one acceptable border bill would be one that closes the border and deports the 8 million illegal immigrants who have flooded into the country under Joe Biden. A vote for this bill is a vote to destroy America's border and to turn Biden's open border plans into US law. 

The 370-page absurdity concocted by uniparty Republicans and Democrats links border security (if it can even be called that), hand-outs for illegal immigrants, and the funding of two foreign wars.

The brand new border deal reached by the Senate is not intended to strengthen US national security, but to weaken our nation. It spends far more on foreign wars and entanglements than it does on America's best interests at home and gives billions to illegal immigrants in direct handouts and services. It's not what Americans wanted, and it's not what we demanded.

Senate leaders call it a border bill, but what they define as border security is nothing more than a further invitation to invasion by would-be illegal immigrants worldwide to come to the US. It entrenches the executive orders and actions Biden has signed to rip open the border in the first place. It creates pathways for legal status for the 8 million people who have come into the US since 2021 and inspires even more to make the trek.

Trump is right: the bill is "horrendous."

Our leaders somehow believe that border security means free handouts and jobs for people who should not be in our country at all at the expense of hardworking, struggling Americans. This bill gives millions to NGOs that have been pushing people into our country so that they can continue undermining Americans, our culture and our security. The bill provides easier path for illegal immigrants, not a harder one, the bill provides more resources for illegal immigrants, not more security to shut down the border.

The bill must not be put into law. No bill that prioritizes spending for non-citizens should be enacted by  Congress.

The people who authored this, those that will vote for it, believe America's security can be compromised away, that it doesn't matter as much as the border security of Ukraine or Israel, and that Americans, for some reason, should suffer for it.

The American people have spoken out across the political divide. But our elected leaders are not listening.

Those in blue cities are buckling under the weight of the onslaught of the hundreds of thousands of extra people who arrive in town with nothing expecting food, shelter, clothing, education for their children, work and cash. New York City leaders have said it will "destroy" the city. Chicago's mayor has reportedly suffered panic attacks over it. Massachusetts has shut down rec centers in poor communities to make room for illegal immigrants. 

Red border states like Texas have been bearing the brunt of the invasion and have deployed their own National Guard in an attempt to bring order to chaos where Biden has not only failed to handle it but has encouraged more of it. Citizens watch as resources go not to their children and neighborhoods but to fund illegal immigrants.

As soon as Joe Biden took office in 2021, he flung open the nation's borders and welcomed in the world. In no time at all, would-be illegal immigrants were lining up along the northern migration routes wearing tee-shirts thanking Biden for easing restrictions, and before long, the trickle of illegal immigration that had become the norm under the Trump administration swelled to a rushing river. 

In 2020, less than half a million illegal immigrants were apprehended at the border. Now, millions upon millions enter each year, every month breaks records, and in response, Joe Biden and his Democrats can think of nothing better to do that let in even more people and fund foreign wars.

That's literally their plan. 

Everyone knows Biden could close the border with the stroke of a pen. Everyone knows that the only reason he's pushing for a border bill is to secure funding for his pet war in Ukraine. Americans know this, yet we watch our leaders pontificate about compassion and caring as though they think we believe them. We don't. 

Americans keep screaming out that they want secure borders, that they want legal immigration and not endless, ineligible asylum claims from people gaming the system, yet to our leaders, we are nothing but deep pockets ready and waiting to fund our own destruction at their whim.

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