EXCLUSIVE: Trump campaign 'stands with Texas and Gov Greg Abbott' to protect border from 'Biden's illegal invasion'

Press secretary for the Trump campaign Karoline Leavitt told Jack Posobiec on Human Events Daily Thursday that Trump and the campaign "stand with Texas" amid the "Mexican standoff" ongoing battle to secure the state's border.

"We side with the great Republican governors, Governor Abbott, and all of the others who have signed up to ensure that they have the right to protect their states and protect American citizens and American lives," she said.

Leavitt labeled the situation as a "nightmare of an illegal invasion on our United States southern border," adding that "Joe Biden was handed the most secure border in American history by President Trump."

"Now, we've had an invasion of nearly 10 million illegal people that we know about," she explained. "I would beg that it's much, much more than that. They are being flown around on the American taxpayer dime to every single corner of this country. Every state is a border state, not just Texas."

Leavitt applauded the overwhelming support Texas has received from other states and Republican governors and reiterated President Trump and his campaign "stand with the governors across this country who need to protect this border from Joe Biden's illegal invasion."

She called the crisis at the border which Joe Biden has allowed "the greatest dereliction of duty by any president that we've ever seen."

Trump shortly after this exclusive interview posted to Truth Social reiterating these sentiments:

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