REVEALED: Trump conviction 'just doesn't hurt him' per latest Harvard Harris poll

Jack Posobiec and Richard Baris discussed the Harvard CAPS-Harris poll that was just released that found that "Trump still wins over Biden if he is convicted on most cases, but not the capitol riots."

Baris said that the poll is essentially revealing "Trump is now at a point" that a conviction in his cases regarding RICO in Georgia or handling documents "just doesn't hurt him."

"People believe that these [cases] are political prosecutions, even if they think maybe he did something wrong," he continued.

Baris explained that "presidential elections are A/B tests" and that voters will need to look at their general quality of life when Trump was president versus now under Biden.

"Their lives now suck" under Biden and he is "prosecuting his political opponent."

"So as damning as it sounds," he continued, "when you ask the question, people are going to think, well, this is my choice. And I either go back to the guy when my life was good, or I stay with the guy who was prosecuting that guy, and my life sucks."

The poll also asked "If Donald Trump is convicted by a jury for inciting the Capitol riots of January 6th, who would you vote for president" which resulted in Biden being slightly up.

"Now, if I were to say convicted by a liberal jury? What if I were to say convicted by a DC jury? What if I were to say convicted by a jury of liberal DC activists?" Posobiec asked. "And so suddenly, you're gonna get different questions when it comes out of that," he stated adding that "the way they ask these questions is big."

Both agreed there are multiple moving factors that voters need to take into account in the three instances mentioned by the poll.

Baris continued, "Is it going to happen in a vacuum and Trump is not going to appeal and call it a liberal tainted jury? Is Jack Smith not going to act the way he's been acting and those filings are not going to be public for people to read?"

"They would need a blackout like they pulled in 2020 when it came to the Hunter Biden laptop story, I'll tell you, I just don't think that's possible anymore. I don't think we live in that world," he stated.


Image: Title: Poso Baris