Texas AG Ken Paxton reveals he's been threatened by Biden's DOJ over Texas' fight to secure the border

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) appeared on The Charlie Kirk Show on Thursday, where he addressed the legal action initiated by the Biden administration against the state of Texas in the Supreme Court and revealed his department has been receiving threatening letters from the DoJ the past few days.

The lawsuit in question pertains to the state's recent measures implemented to protect the US-Southern border from the historic invasion of illegal immigrants.

Paxton hopes to see Supreme Court justices rule in favor of Texas and the state's prerogative to "defend itself" in situations where the federal government neglects to uphold the rule of law.

The Biden administration filed a lawsuit against Texas for expelling federal Border Patrol agents from Shelby Park near Eagle Pass. Texas seized control of the park, which was a staging ground for illegal immigrants, and deployed its own armed National Guardsmen to stop migrants from entering the US illegally.

Over the past few days, Attorney General Paxton said that they had received numerous threatening letters from the Department of Justice claiming that Texas has no right to expel federal agents. They demanded that the state return its property to the feds.

The Department of Justice said, "Hey, you can’t do this. We’re in the business of protecting the border and you’re stopping us from protecting the border," said Paxton.

"I sent back a letter yesterday saying, 'I haven’t seen any signs of you protecting the border. We’re going to continue to disallow Border Patrol from taking our public land and using them for their benefit,'" he continued.

Paxton explained that in addition to being sued over the state's seizure of Shelby Park, the Biden administration has filed other "ridiculous" lawsuits pertaining to the state's actions to secure the border.

"We’re in the fight over the buoys, we’re in the fight of them cutting down our fences," he said, adding that "those are the things I don’t want to lose sight of while we’re dealing with this ridiculous lawsuit."

While Texas is being sued for its actions at the border, Ken Paxton has faced multiple lawsuits, including an impeachment proceeding, which he recently won.

Charlie Kirk called the targeting of Paxton a distraction campaign and said that it's directly connected with the invasion at the border.

Paxton said the Biden administration is arguing that the state of Texas is "interfering with their ability to enforce federal immigration law, which as we all know they aren't enforcing federal immigration law. They're doing just the opposite. They're encouraging illegal immigration."

"We cannot be forced to sit on the sidelines while the federal government imposes this on our state," said Paxton. "I cannot imagine that the founders envisioned a federal government that would not protect the borders."

Image: Title: Kirk Paxton