Antifa joins London anti-Israel march, socialists peddle pro communist merch

An Antifa flag was seen, and communist propaganda materials were distributed at an anti-Israel march in London on Saturday.  

Reporting from the ground in London, Andy Ngo shot footage as the protestors marched through the city and got recording of the Antifa flag that was being displayed. 

More footage reveals among the thousands of anti-Israel protestors chanting slogans like "from the river to the sea" and others calling for the ending "the occupation" of Palestine, communist flyers and newspapers were being distributed.  

The flyers and newspapers were labeled with sayings such as "Lenin Lives" and "Fight British Imperialism" among other slogans. Some of those that had been distributing communist propaganda were later arrested by the police.  

According to reports from Ngo, the protestors have been "particularly angry about the UK government bombing the Hamas-allied militants in Yemen who attacked ships on the Red Sea." 

Vendors selling "Free Palestine" hoodies and other products were there announcing to passing protestors that "all profits go to Palestine!" 

Other products included keffiyeh scarves, anti-Israel bracelets, and other products.  

During the protest, over a dozen police officers had to block the Cenotaph war memorial which was dedicated to British soldiers who died in World War I and II.  

The protest was announced by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign yesterday on its X account.  

The announcement read, “March for Palestine. Ceasefire now. Stop the war on Gaza.” 

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