JACQUELINE TOBOROFF: New York politicians are trying to put lipstick on dystopia

On January 9th, two events occurred in New York. Governor Hochul gave her 2024 State of the State Address and posited that things are going great. Simultaneously, 2000 illegal immigrants were moved into James Madison High School, dispossessing American students.

Hochul said, “The state of New York is strong. Stronger today than when I became governor two years ago. It’s healthier, safer, [and] more affordable.” 

These are lies. 

As far as “healthier”, what’s the measurement and who is doing the measuring? The public was lied to about COVID. Deaths were inflated by those in power. Full stop. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) sneakily updated its COVID-19 data “to admit that only 6% of all the 153,504 (U.S.) deaths recorded actually died from COVID-19.” Children’s lives were never at material risk. Masks didn’t prevent catching or transmitting COVID, but the teachers’ unions ran roughshod over the CDC, insisting on both face diapers and shutdowns. As far as “safer,” just ask an employee or paying customer at Rite Aid. Shoplifting is up 64% in New York City, more than any other city in America. And “more affordable?” Please. As per New York City’s own website, “Over the past 12 months, NYC area prices have risen 3.5%.

What Hochul didn’t mention during her address was the biggest issue; illegal immigrants. In August, before you-know-what hit the fan, a Siena College poll reported 82% of New York voters said illegal immigrants are a “serious problem.” This is despite the fact that New York State is 61% Democrat and New York City is 68% Democrat. 

Outside of the Capitol in Albany, where Hochul gave her address, those not living in the bubble were run over by reality. The Adams administration moved illegal immigrants from Floyd Bennett Field, allegedly because of inclement weather, into Brooklyn’s James Madison High School. There was no complaint issued by the teachers unions about dispossessing students to house illegal immigrants. Unlike the students who attend this scan school, the illegal immigrants didn’t have to go through security screens. Did they come with weapons or drugs? Based on precedent, probably. They’re not vetted at places like the mothership Roosevelt Hotel for anything (drugs, alcohol, weapons, or COVID) and there have been stabbings, assaults, drugs, and drunken brawls. 

So, what happened to the displaced American students?  They had a “remote” school day on January 10th. If there’s anyone left who doesn’t know what a fiasco this is, let’s do a brief recap. COVID shutdowns resulted in two thirds of our nation's children being unable to read or write at fourth grade level proficiency. Suicide and sell-harm spiked. Babies' IQs fell to 78, 22 points lower than what’s considered normal, because of a lack of human connectivity. 

Do not be snowed into naively thinking it’s just one high school and it’s just one day. Remember “Fifteen days to slow the spread?” Fifteen days became two years. 

Replacing American kids at school is the new frontier. This is the model for what’s to come. Why? There’s no end in sight to the illegal immigrants. And there’s no more room, period; not in shelters or hotels. The tax base is fleeing, making New York City the number one champion for those looking to get the hell out. So who’s going to pay for more shelters, “free”, or affordable housing on Madison Avenue? Not Biden. Adams understands there’ll be no federal aid. Adams also knows the illegal immigrant crisis is destroying New York City. Yet they keep going. You almost wonder if they want to remove Americans. 

This is a watershed moment, parents. If we don’t come together in critical mass and react in some meaningful way, specifically addressing this issue, it’s game over. Since COVID, BLM, CRT, DEI, the trans agenda, and the rise of Islamism, parents have been disparate. When pushing back, we usually only do so because of individual circumstances. That has to stop. We must unite. James Madison High School needs to be a personal matter to every citizen in New York. Don’t forget, Adams has been bussing people upstate and to the suburbs. When the city runs out of room, the rest of the state is next.

Adams was clear. Seven months ago, he told us, taking illegal immigrants into our schools and homes is the next step. He knew what was to come. He was revolutionary, campaigning on allowing the then 800,000 non-citizens to vote. 

Adams may wish New York City were populated by these “new Americans,” whose votes he and his fellow Democrats believe they own. But unfortunately for him, in Governor Hochul’s words, New York is “stronger” than before, though not the way she means. New York is stronger because its people are fed up enough that we are finally strong enough to fight back.

Image: Title: hochul