SARA HIGDON: Is the mental health community using trans ideology to sweep real mental health problems under the rug?

On Thursday, there was a school shooting in Perry, Iowa, where a 17-year-old male shot four people, killing one 6th grader. In the search to find out more about the shooter, it was discovered that he appears to belong to the Queer Community.

The shooter's social media post indicates that he likely identified as "Gender Fluid" and used "he/they" pronouns. According to Trans activists, this would make him "Transgender," or someone who identifies as a gender different from their sex at birth. Not to be confused with a Transsexual who is diagnosed with gender dysphoria and transitions to be perceived by society as the opposite sex.

In the aftermath of this information coming to light, many have begun to highlight a pattern of other high-profile shootings where the attacks were carried out by a person who identified as trans.

While some media outlets have pointed out that the number of trans-identified mass shooters is a small portion of the community that commits these crimes, there is still a noticeable increase in events like this occurring with trans shooters, leading some to speculate that there may be a correlation between gender identity issues as a mental health condition and a propensity for violence.

While it is not clear as to what mental health treatments this shooter was undergoing or if he had gender dysphoria, the conversation got me thinking about issues that have been highlighted in the past about medical professionals, how they treat gender-questioning people, and how that could play into these instances.

Over the last couple of years, we have learned that many medical professionals are ignoring other mental health comorbidities and jumping to gender dysphoria as the cause of their issues.

Take detransitioner Prisha Mosley for example, she is currently suing her doctors and therapists for malpractice, fraud, and other abuse for encouraging her to transition. Mosley told National Review that she lived with psychotic major depression, ADHD, bipolar one and two, mania, crippling anorexia, and borderline personality disorder since she was 14 years old. Because of these issues, Mosley had a habit of cutting herself. She claimed on X, that the doctors helped her with her self-harm, by cutting her breasts off, instead of treating the underlying issues she had.

"After finally receiving therapy for my borderline personality disorder and severe trauma, I have clarity of mind and do not believe that I deserved to be mutilated as a mentally ill child,” Mosley told National Review. “It took almost ten years for me to find the right therapy but almost no time for the ‘gender-affirming’ doctors and counselors to set me on a path of medicalized ‘gender transition.’"

Then we have Jamie Reed, who worked as the case manager at the Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children's Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri, before blowing the whistle on the unethical practices she witnessed. In a revealing article in The Free Press about the unethical practices she witnessed. This self-proclaimed queer woman who is politically left of Bernie Sanders pointed out the number of children that had other comorbidities when they saw them.

She noted that many had depression, anxiety, ADHD, eating disorders, obesity, schizophrenia, PTSD, and bipolar disorder, and about one-third of them were on the autism spectrum. She claimed that "no matter how much suffering or pain a child had endured, or how little treatment and love they had received," the doctors still viewed gender transition as the solution.

One example she shared was a 17-year-old male who came from an "awful childhood" and was sexually abusing dogs. "Somewhere along the way, he expressed a desire to become female, so he ended up being seen at our center," she said. "He went to a psychologist at the hospital who was known to approve virtually everyone seeking transition. Then our doctor recommended feminizing hormones."

Another case was a "young man who had an intense obsessive-compulsive disorder that manifested as a desire to cut off his penis after he masturbated." Reed said, "This patient expressed no gender dysphoria, but he got hormones, too. I asked the doctor what protocol he was following, but I never got a straight answer."

In England, the Cass Review of the Tavistock gender clinic, performed by Dr. Hilary Cass, resulted in the clinic getting shut down due to poor patient care where "many of the children and young people presenting have complex needs, but once they are identified as having gender-related distress, other important healthcare issues that would normally be managed by local services can sometimes be overlooked." She said the clinic was "not a safe or viable long-term option."

These are a few among many examples where we have heard about the medical industry failing to treat the root cause of mental distress in favor of focusing on a person's identity issues. We have also heard many far-left Trantifa activists claim that trans people are experiencing genocide and that half the country wants them dead.

With the prevalence, it would be safe to assume that many serious mental health conditions left untreated, compounded with bullying and Trantifa activists claiming that half the country wants trans people dead, would result in one of these unwell young people committing an act of evil.

I want to be clear though, I don't bring up these points to absolve the shooter of responsibility for the evil act he committed. He is solely responsible for his actions. I bring this up as a means to simply highlight that we have a mental health crisis in this country, and our mental health providers don't seem providing the proper care with the proper focus to their patients, and it goes beyond gender identity issues.

In an article I wrote after another mass shooting in June 2022, I looked at the rise in Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs). Before this trend of shooters having gender identity issues, we saw a pattern of shooters who were on SSRIs. One study from the National Library of Medicine found that 46% of people on SSRIs experienced "emotional numbness." My theory was and still is, that if the drugs turn off a person's emotions, it could mean that they also turn off their conscience.

I bring this up to show a pattern that has seemingly been permeating the medical community. To treat mental health issues, throw a pill at it. Whether that pill is Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) or an SSRI, it would seem that mental health professionals are by and large forgoing the process of addressing the root cause of a patient's distress in favor of a big pharma solution.

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