JACQUELINE TOBOROFF: It's like the Right is trying to lose

As I look at today’s Right, I only have one question: are we trying to lose?

Where are the innovative ideas? Where are the ingenious messaging strategies? Hell, forget all that; where’s the plan to stop the one thing everyone’s been talking about since 2020, and stop another election from being stolen? Has the Right put together a braintrust and signaled a strategy or call to action vis-a-vis machines and ballot harvesting, and I just never got the memo?

Republicans, Conservatives, Magadonians, Populists - whatever they’re called - need to take a page out of the Democrat playbook before it’s too late. The Democrat machine puts everything aside to get to their goals, and it’s time we learned to do the same.

Within the Democrat caucus, declared anti-semites come together with so-called practicing Jews. People with “kill all white people” in their Twitter bios come together with whites. Epstein clients, “throuple” practitioners, pedophiles, and the guy filming an anal scene in a Federal building, are made into heroes. All this because, the Left can identify their enemy, use language of war to describe it in order to sway public opinion, and will stop at nothing to crush it by any means possible. The Democrat machine isn’t bothered by facts; it creates its own narrative and forces it onto the public until it's memory-holed. 

For example, according to a Daily Mail poll, one in five young Americans view the 9/11 mastermind and Al Qaeda founder Osama Bin Laden positively. “Three in ten Gen Z voters believe the views of the anti-Semitic terrorist leader who slaughtered thousands of innocent people were a ‘force for good'.” Through constant and consistent pushing of DEI (diversity equity inclusion), terrorism is aspirational. Then there’s crime, which is so bad, the NYPD requested a Level Three mobilization to combat Islamist terror last week in Manhattan. Yet, candidates pro defunding police continue to get elected. Then there’s Harvard, where it took ages to fire an antisemitic plagiarist, and only after she was supported publicly by 500 of her colleagues.

All this is only possible because the Democrat messaging has been so effective that people have literally sacrificed themselves and their children. They’ve worn face diapers that restrict oxygen and don’t prevent the catching or transmitting of COVID. “Queers” have sided with Islamists, who throw people like them off of rooftops. Parents inject their children with an FDA unapproved “vaccine.” White parents subject their children to DEI, which for white people is essentially a mandatory course in pathological self-loathing. Residents in traditionally safe neighborhoods advocate for weed shops in their communities to prove they’re down with “equity.” This is testament to the crafty and diabolical nature of the Left. Worse, it is testament to the unserious and feckless Right that can’t or won’t combat the easiest stuff to fight: things like illegal immigrants being viewed as a serious problem by 82% of New York City residents. It’s mind blowing. 

So what has the Right done? Have they come up with a conservative version of TikTok; one that uses propaganda and dirty tricks to recapture the youth? No.

Have they come up with an AI version of Taylor Swift (or, perish the thought, found a similarly talented artist of our own) to recapture the youth? No.

Have they come up with a Conservative version of CODEPINK that plans disruptive riots to recapture the youth? No.

Have they found a conservative Soros to fund our efforts to recapture anyone? No.

What about coming up with a way to ensure every single conservative votes, whether by mail, early, or on game day, no matter what this takes? No.

Is there a conservative machine throwing money to unseat the Squad and any DSA candidate that collaborates with the mainstream media’s talking heads and poses an existential threat to both Jews and Christians in America? No. 

And why not? Because the Right is so obsessed with piety, morale, and the high road, until we’ve vanished in an apologetic puff of our own politeness. If we don’t get nasty, downright clear on who the adversary is, and what lengths we will go to to win, we are going to lose. Again. Because it is the Right that can’t identify the problem and doesn't have the fortitude to see it to the end. 

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