2 women from UK and US arrested in Bali for alleged assault of nail salon staff

Two women visiting Bali, Indonesia were arrested after they allegedly assaulted staff at a nail salon when they were told they needed to pay the proper amount for the services they received.

Local media identified the women as Andrea from London and Chansler from New York, according to Daily Mail. They both now face up to two years in prison.

The attack was recorded from both CCTV security cameras and phones of some of the staff at Ombre Nails Studio. A conflict can be seen escalating between Chansler and a front desk clerk during which it appears both women are grabbing at something. The clerk then pushes Chansler off. 

The Daily Mail reports that Chansler was "appearing to grab a clerk by the collar and pull[ed] her over the counter."

While an employee is heard shouting "you have to pay!" Andrea storms into the salon and allegedly grabs an employee by her arms screaming "Relax, I am trying to give you the money! Relax yourself, understand?!"

The manager at the salon, however, said the women were fully informed about what the cost would be before they began but then refused to pay when they were finished and even tried to steal money from the cash register.

"They blackmailed us that if we kept asking them to pay, they will leave a bad review, and they started to verbally abuse our staff.

"All proof was recorded and is being handled by our lawyer, and we submitted a report to police last night.

"They also attempted to take our money in the cashier and caused some physical injury and mental shock to our staff.

"We needed to catch them so they can at least apologize to our staff. Some of them are still trembling and crying until today."

The tourists received no special treatment despite being black. They were arrested December 16 while trying to board a plane to Thailand after the incident wearing hats and masks in an apparent attempt to conceal their identities and then marched in orange jumpsuits to a press conference.

Police said they face charges for violating Section 1, Article 351 of the Indonesian Penal Code, which states that "maltreatment shall be punished with a maximum imprisonment of two years and eight months" as well as Article 335 or "forcing others to do something', which carries a maximum prison sentence of one year."

Image: Title: Bali nail salon