TikTok influencer ‘Teacher Luke’ arrested in Bangkok for sexual abuse of minor after he allegedly gave a 16 year old an STD

A former school teacher in Thailand who garnered millions of followers on TikTok over the past couple of years was arrested for repeatedly having sex with a 16-year-old, recording the acts and telling her to keep them a secret. Luke Rockwell, who goes by Teacher Luke on social media, taught English at private Christian schools in Bangkok while doing stand-up comedy on the side. 

The unnamed victim complained to her mother of abdominal pains before disclosing the relationship to her. They subsequently found out after a trip to the hospital that he had infected her with chlamydia and gonorrhea.

The mother reports that her daughter had been using her phone to message the teacher and then deleting the messages for months. She also claims her daughter is very “vulnerable and troubled” and has been homeschooling her due to her social inefficiencies.

She quickly took action after finding out the truth about the 29-year-old American man, filing a police report with authorities. The heartbroken mother spoke out to local media to spread awareness of the incident.

“Teacher Luke told her to keep everything a secret until she turned 18. He told my daughter that he loved her and would let her come live with him when she's no longer a minor.”

“My daughter messaged him the STD test result where she had tested positive for gonorrhea. He promised that he would take responsibility for the costs.”

“I’m not complaining to the police because I want money or compensation. I don't care about the money… I want every woman and child to know how evil Teacher Luke is. It's embarrassing for me to tell people about what's happening to my family but I hope it prevents Teacher Luke from ever taking advantage of any girl in the future.”

Bangkok police report that he was “arrested for sex with a minor who is over 15 years old but not exceeding 18 years and recording the act of sex with a minor.”

Rockwell confessed to the charges and is in custody.

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