MORGONN MCMICHAEL: Most Californians are against radical gender ideology: poll

A recent poll suggests that Californians may not be as aligned with radical gender ideology as their state lawmakers assume.

For over the last decade, California has been at the forefront of progressive gender policies. In 2019, California passed the Gender Recognition Act that allows residents to change their sex on official documents, including birth certificates. Additionally, the state passed a law accommodating individuals in prisons to be housed according to their self-identified gender rather than their biological sex, even if they were convicted of sexual offenses.

In recent days, California has declared itself to be a “sanctuary state” for transgender children seeking medical interventions.

Despite these radical policies being implemented by California lawmakers, it may not be true that a majority of state residents are in agreement. According to a recent study conducted by Spry Strategies, a majority of Californians do not agree with the gender ideology being pushed by the left.

The poll reveals that 62% of Californians believe sex is a binary concept, with male and female being the only two options. Furthermore, 70% of respondents defined woman as a “biologically born female.”

The survey also delves into the issue of parental notification when a child identifies as transgender at school, an area where California has been scrutinized in recent days. Contrary to current practices, 72% of respondents believe that parents should be notified in such cases.

The poll also addresses the contentious topic of transgender individuals competing in sports, with 59% of respondents advocating for the barring of men who identify as women from participating in women’s sports.

Notably, these results represent a significant shift from the same study conducted in 2020, indicating a change in public opinion over a relatively short period of time. The findings highlight a nuanced perspective among Californians, suggesting that the state’s legislative actions may not fully align with the preferences and beliefs of its residents on matters related to gender identity and related policies.

This piece first appeared at TPUSA.

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