TUCKER CARLSON: If Trump's presidency is stopped, 'the next guy will be what they say Trump is'

Tucker Carlson joined Jack Posobiec for an exclusive interview on Human Events Daily Wednesday, during which he pointed out that Trump is actually relatively moderate, and that if the left is successful in keeping him from the presidency in 2024, the next guy to run will be "angry" and "revolutionary."

Posobiec pointed out that "Trumpism" is not necessarily a new thing, despite the hysteria surrounding it from the media. In fact, politicians such as Henry Ross Perot and Pat Buchanan had been "tapping into it."

"Every system needs correction at some point," Tucker explained. "It's a dynamic world ... human nature doesn't acknowledge that. We imagine everything's just the same as it was. It never is. So you need to update the system, and democracy is supposedly self-correcting. If you prevent those corrections from happening, the only thing you do is stoke radicalism."

He said that Perot, Buchanan, and Trump are "all moderates ... they didn't want to blow anything up, destruction was not on their calendar at all. They just wanted to apply common sense principles to governance, and they were all treated like Nazis."

"The next guy who builds a national following in Trump's footsteps will not be moderate at all," Tucker illustrated. "He's gonna be angry, and he's gonna be revolutionary. And I can't foresee what will happen after that, but I just know how systems work and they're ensuring that we're gonna get, like, an actual demagogue."

Trump, on the other hand, he said, is a "totally conventional guy" and "has some interesting views, but doesn't want to hurt anyone. He's totally nonviolent. His main fear is nuclear war. I mean, the guy is not what they say is- he's the opposite."

He warned, "But the next guy will be what they say Trump is, actually, because people are too frustrated. And then we're gonna get radical politics, people are gonna get hurt, then it gets more radical."

"This has happened in every country on the planet except ours for 150 years and people lack imagination. They don't think it can happen here. It's happening."

They both agreed that the next radicalized person to seek power would be "like a young, millennial Chavez."

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