JACK POSOBIEC and RAW EGG NATIONALIST: Vivek is not afraid to bring up 'red pill' issues Americans are being gaslit about

Jack Posobiec brought on anonymous author and Human Events contributor Raw Egg Nationalist on his show Thursday after Vivek Ramaswamy delivered scathing takes and "inconvenient truths" during the Republican primary debate Wednesday night in which he reminded his opponents, Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, and Chris Christie, they have been "licking Donald Trump's boots for years for money and endorsements."

Vivek discussed January 6, Saudi involvement in 9/11, and the highly controversial great replacement theory relating to mass immigration, which has been branded a "dangerous, right-wing conspiracy" theory, according to Egg.

Vivek in essence, during the debate, dropped "too many red pills," as Jack Posobiec put it.

"Why is it though, that it's so hard to talk about these things, Egg, when we can see it happening every single day?" he asked.

Egg explained that the media and really everyone "is in denial of the fact that this is happening and the gaslighting is tremendous."

Before the Wednesday debate, Vivek in fact posted a video of Joe Biden from around a decade ago detailing his desire for an "unrelenting nonstop stream of migrants" from Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Vivek, Egg stated, "was covering his own bases, so that everybody could see, actually, Joe Biden said these words himself. The current president of the United States made it clear that this was a deliberate policy of the Democratic Party and a deliberate policy, by extension of of leftist, liberal and even conservative governments across the Western world."

"I think Vivek played an absolute blinder on the debate stage," he added. "There is the most enormous weight of the media and state apparatus, working against anybody who tries to say that this is actually going on."

Posobiec pointed out that in Vivek's ensuing media appearances the topic of the great replacement theory was avoided while he was grilled about his comments on Ukraine and January 6, because "they would much rather not have that conversation."

"This is a conversation that even you know, supposedly conservative media doesn't want to have," Egg responded. "We know that it's happening. The statistics don't lie. And the evidence of our own eyes doesn't lie."

Vivek, he said, has been "drawing our attention to the actual utterances of our leaders, and I think we owe him a great, great debt of gratitude for that."

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