LIBBY EMMONS: Vivek Ramaswamy asked the most important question at the 3rd GOP debate

Libby Emmons, guest-host for Human Events Daily on Thursday, shared her alignment with Vivek Ramaswamy’s sentiments from the 3rd GOP debate Wednesday night in which he questioned the absurdity of having left-leaning commentators moderating the debate itself.

“A few things were made clear on the GOP debate stage last night,” she began. “One is that the schism in the Republican party between the establishment warhawks and the MAGA base is growing even deeper as we head into 2024, and the other is that Vivek Ramaswamy asked the most compelling question of the night.”

She said that Vivek “stole the show” when he “questioned RNC Chair Ronna McDonald about her ability to lead a party that has seen nothing but losses, even inviting her to come up on to the stage and explain herself.”

“And,” she continued, “he asked Welker, Holt and Hewitt why they were the ones asking the questions. He said that there was no reason to see … partisan pundits questioning conservative candidates for president.”

Emmons agreed with Ramaswamy on this matter, pointing out that the three networks employing the hosts have had little coverage of the GOP and almost only negative coverage of President Donald Trump, this per a recent study out from Media Matters.

Vivek specifically asked during the debate why “Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, or even Elon Musk” were not the ones asking the questions.

“Did the nation really get a fair look at these candidates who seek the highest office last night?” Emmons asked. “Why is it that the Republicans are seeking legitimacy from a media enterprise that has consistently misrepresented and lied about their values and positions?”

She continued, “Do the Republicans have no respect for their own side? Why are these the people who were chosen to suss out the views and message of the GOP? It is hard to believe that the moderators even thought it was their job to help the nation understand the conservative perspective, a perspective that has been censored, suppressed, and misrepresented consistently across mainstream media.

“And you don’t have to take my word for it, there is mounting evidence that the Biden administration has colluded with media and social media to minimize and dismiss conservative views.

“Why does the RNC think that their job is to appeal, first and foremost, to the people that hate them, and only secondarily to try and construct a cohesive message for the party and its constituents?”

“It doesn't make any sense,” Emmons said. “And everyone should be pretty much horrified that this is the way conservative values are being presented in the United States by the party that claims to uphold conservative values.”

“It's almost as though, as Vivek said, losing is the goal,” she concluded. “And judging by 2018 as he pointed out, 2020, 2022 and even just this past Tuesday when Republicans were given another solid defeat across the United States, you sort of get the sense that perhaps the goal of the RNC is not to win elections, but to belittle and demean their base until their base gives up and abandons the voting booths entirely.”

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