Hundreds of Catholics gather to publicly pray the Rosary in defiance of Spain's socialist government crackdown on prayer rallies

Hundreds of Catholics flooded the streets of Spain on Monday to pray the Rosary despite the socialist government banning prayer rallies outside its headquarters. This type of gathering has been taking place every night since November 12, with the mission to pray for the nation after socialist leader Pedro Sánchez essentially enacted a coup to maintain power.

The Catholics would gather on the steps of a church dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Madrid, which is in close proximity to the headquarters of the governing Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE), LifeSiteNews reports.

However on November 27, the organizer of the events, José Andrés Calderón, was informed by police that any further prayer rallies would be banned, citing a "failure by the organizer to comply with the 'communications deadlines established in O.L. 9/1983'" that states that "gatherings of more than 20 people have to be announced to the police 10 days in advance, except in cases of emergency."

As The European Conservative states, "The Spanish government, under socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, has banned Catholic protesters from praying the rosary outside of the headquarters of the governing Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) as protests against the government’s proposed amnesty for Catalan separatist coup plotters continue."

Calderón told LifeSiteNews that he decided to continue holding the prayer rallies nightly anyway and said that the ban was “completely unfair.”

He added that "in the face of tyranny, we have [a] moral obligation of disobeying the established power.” 

Calderón subsequently received a fine from police on November 29 for defying orders, but refused to stop holding the rallies.

When he challenged the ban at the Madrid Superior Court of Justice, it sided with the police and upheld the order, ruling that there was no case of "urgency" to pray the Rosary.

“The TSJ of Madrid has just informed us that they agree with the Government Delegate in his prohibition on praying the Rosary in Ferraz,” Calderón wrote on X. 

“I can only tell you one thing: AT 7:30 PM WE WILL CONTINUE PRAYING IN FERRAZ. Without any fear. God with us!” 

Impassioned, he wrote: “There are Catholics who are clear about who we serve. It is none other than the King of Kings. They can fine us and do whatever they want. We do not care. God is with us.

“Viva Cristo Rey [long live Christ the king]! National November!” 

Calderón made a statement to LifeSiteNews that even if the police decide to continue the ban into December, "we will continue praying without fear of anyone or anything."

“It is quite the remarkable thing, considering that worship should never be prohibited,” he continued. “Not only that, but the urgency of the moment did exist as the rallies are still being held.” 

He said he “will explore all of the legal avenues,” including taking the case to the European Court of Human Rights. 

“It is our right to battle, as there is much at stake ... Spain has reached a point where we are not allowed to worship God.” 

Speaking on the government turmoil Spain has been experiencing as the socialist party made a deal with Catalan separatists to win re-election, Calderón said: “The Spanish nation has been condemned to a corrupt partitocracy that has not governed for the common good, but has sought its personal enrichment and the spiritual erosion of Spain. 

“Whether by action, omission or pusillanimous cowardice, the oligarchies have imposed by hook or by crook a progressive and globalist agenda.

“In the last half century, the Overton window has shifted dangerously and abruptly towards bizarre and poisonous delusions ... The ideological mode of thought has permeated the zeitgeist.” 

Image: Title: José Andrés Calderón