Norwegian police report 'woman' charged with killing 'man' after trans male murders trans female

Mass confusion from media and police reports ensued after a trans-identified male was placed into custody after he allegedly murdered his trans-identified female partner in Porsgrunn, Norway

Things got convoluted after the police and media alike had said that a woman murdered a man, reports Reduxx.

There is just one problem: the exact opposite event took place. The reality was the killer is a trans-identified male, which is to say a man who believes himself to be a woman.

The victim was the opposite; she is a woman who identifies as male. 

Police were summoned on the night of Nov. 26 to the southeast district of Porsgrunn after reports of a domestic dispute. Despite there being reported injuries from the female, as well as a request by her for medical treatment, police determined no more action was needed, and left the scene, according to the outlet. The police were phoned two hours later, with the female victim suffering from critical injuries at her home, which she had resided in with the alleged murderer.

The now-deceased victim was 22 years old, and her male co-habitant and former partner was 18 years old. Their names are not released at this time.

Reduxx reports that the couple had only signed their lease last Friday, and that neighbors of the housing complex told local outlets that they could hear screaming and shouting throughout Sunday evening, with the tenant who resided directly above the former couple recounting hearing a loud "bang" that same night. 

Police have said that a gun was not used, but a potential weapon of murder had been taken from the location. They had also been warned about episodes of violence numerous times between the two that year, per Reduxx.

A public register has confirmed that both the victim and the alleged murderer are legally the opposite sex of what they had identified as.

“In an earlier version of this article, [the outlet] Dagbladet referred to the accused as a man... This information was later changed to the fact that the accused wants to be referred to as a woman. Dagbladet has corrected,” reads a notice in the article.

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) said that police changed the reported gender of the accused, who is a man, to female because he wanted to be categorized as a woman.

"CORRECTION: The police initially reported that it was a man who had been arrested and suspected of the murder," stated an NRK article update. "This morning, the police changed the charge to a woman for the murder. The correction was made at 12:10."

Norway has been growing more extreme in its push for the LGBT agenda in recent years. It was just a few years ago, in Nov. 2020, when the country's parliament passed laws banning so-called "hate speech" against trans-identified people. More recently, a Norwegian professor of Ethics called for the normalization of pedophilia at schools in June 2022. 

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