EXCLUSIVE: Kyle Rittenhouse would have been 'convicted based on mob rule' without independent media and footage

Kyle Rittenhouse reiterated on Jack Posobiec’s show Human Events Daily Tuesday that he would have "been convicted based on mob rule" had it not been for the independent media and video footage from his Kenosha incident back in August 2020.

Rittenhouse revealed that he has not watched his trial back in full but did watch certain testimonies to aid in the writing of his new book just released called Acquitted.

He highlighted the testimony of Gaige Grosskreutz, who filed a lawsuit against him in which he neglected to mention he was in possession of a firearm the night of the incident, yet admitted in the stand that he did.

Posobiec pointed out that “one of the key moments of the trial” was when “Antifa Gage” indicted himself by admitting he pointed a gun at Rittenhouse while he was being cross-examined after being shown photo evidence.

Both agreed that the extensive photo and video evidence taken directly at the scene of the chaos that night were what kept Rittenhouse from a wrongful conviction.

“There was like not a single moment of that night that was not filmed,” Rittenhouse stated.

He said that “going back through and just seeing how many people were out there, how many people were chasing me and how I was put in a situation where I was forced to defend myself” made him realize “if there were no cameras there … or no independent journalists, it would have been my word against the mobs and I would have probably been convicted based on mob rule.”

Most of the footage of the incident, as Posobiec stated, was being captured for social media in what he called a “first” but predicted would start to happen more often.

He then noted that it was discovered prosecutors in fact edited pixels from some of the stills in evidence to make it look like Rittenhouse’s gun was pointed at people, claiming they were simply enhancing it.

“At the end of the day,” Posobiec stated, “what you had was a corrupt town leader, a corrupt town government that attempted to put their failures and the blame of the riots and the burning of Kenosha on you, because they wanted to turn you into their scapegoat,” he said to Rittenhouse.

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