IDF gives tour of Hamas terror tunnels under Gaza's Al Shifa hospital: report

On Wednesday, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) released footage from inside the terror tunnels that Hamas built under Al Shifa Hospital complex in an attempt to use it as a shield from attacks, which is recognized according to international law as a war crime.

The IDF also invited the Jerusalem Post, Fox News, and other media outlets to see the Hamas infrastructure including tunnels that stretch on for hundreds of meters.

The IDF showed the guns, grenades, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, as well as large and small advanced drones for delivering explosives, that they said were found throughout the Shifa complex.

Reporters were given a tour of the tunnel network which included a sizeable bedroom with two large beds, a modern air conditioning unit, a kitchenette, a bathroom, and extensive plumbing and electrical wiring for the infrastructure.

The military also revealed that Hamas attempted to cover up and fill in the tunnels once they realized that the IDF would take control of the hospital.

According to IDF Col. Elad Tzuri, the weapons shown were just a small portion of what Hamas had hidden throughout the Shifa Hospital complex.

Tzuri told the journalists, “These items were found both in indoor and outdoor common areas – courtyards of the hospital as well as in patients’ rooms, and some in the vehicles of Hamas’s Nukbeh [elite] unit,” which were found on the hospital’s grounds.

He also noted that they had found RPGs, improvised explosive devices, grenades, guns, and drones.

Reporters were also shown where the body of hostage Noa Marciano was found hidden after Hamas murdered her.

IDF Major “D” of the special forces Maglan Unit told the Post about special training his unit was given for dealing with medical staff and patients as they took control of the hospital including Senior IDF extra restrictive rules of engagement that contributed to not a single civilian being killed during the IDF’s operation.

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