British family-oriented theme park apologizes to parents 'horrified' by drag queen performance

A family-oriented theme park in the United Kingdom has apologized to parents who were left "horrified" by a less than PG performance by a former Ru Paul's Drag Race contestant.

Adventure Island vowed not to host any drag events in the future, and condemned the actions of Colin Munro, "Crystal," whose show included an angle grinder and overtly sexual moves.

As the Daily Mail reported, the incident took place in July, on one of the Southend on Sea theme park's busier days. In amongst all the rides and children's activities, a stage was set up on which Munro proceeded to perform the type of show that used to be restricted to nightclubs.

Dressed in fishnet stockings, a neon yellow leotard, and high heels, Munro made numerous thrusting motions before grabbing an angle grinder and banging it against a metal plate affixed to his crotch.

Footage of the act was captured by the friend of a concerned parent, who said she "won't be going back" with her children.

"That is a line you don't cross," she added. "That tells me everything you need to know about how they value children."

Before long, the clip went viral, prompting a response from Adventure Island officials. 

"We humbly apologise to all of our loyal customers for any offence caused," Executive Chairman Philip Miller said in a statement. "There was confusion between us and the act as to what we would allow or not as it were."

He admitted that the "grinding act" was "most definitely a nonstarter as we are ostensibly a family park and that is just not family entertainment."

"Rest assured we will not be rebooking this act or participate in any future PRIDE celebrations," Miller added. "It's just not for us. We tried to be inclusive but it has backfired on us."

Adventure Island had initially praised Munro and the event, calling those who took part "incredible queens."

In a statement to the Daily Mail, Munro insisted that his performance was "no different to what you might see on Britain's Got Talent, from Lady Gaga on MTV, or from a street performer in Covent Garden," claiming it was construed as sexual solely because of his outfit.

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