BREAKING: Israel agrees to 4-day ceasefire, hostage and prisoner exchange

Israel has reached a ceasefire deal with Hamas that will see the release of 150 Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails in return for only 50 of the over 200 hostages held by terror group Hamas in Gaza. An earlier report stated that the breakdown of the hostages released would be 30 children and 12 women. 

Israeli Prime Minister Bejamin Netanyahu said that hostilities would resume after the ceasefire, while a senior official expressed the hope that 50 hostages would be released within 4 days, per ABC. An American 3-year-old who was left orphaned after Hamas terrorists killed her parents is expected to be among those released. The Biden adminstration has said that this is not guaranteed, however.

Hamas kidnapped more than 200 hostages on October 7 when they launched a surprise attack against Israel that stole the lives of some 1,200 Israelis, many of them women, children, and the elderly. Israeli's return attacks have killed over 14,000 according to the Gaza Health Ministry, which is run by Hamas.

After that attack, Israel declared war on Hamas, shut down the border crossing between the nation and the Palestinian territory, and commenced a bombing campaign after telling civilians to evacuate the area. Hamas officials stated that they knew the attacks by Israel against Palestinians would be brutal following October 7.

Those hostages have been at the forefront of a rhetorical battle across the US and UK. As Jews, Israelis and supporters have puts up missing posters of those who were kidnapped, those who back the Palestinian cause have ripped them down.

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