REVEALED: Candace Owens tells Charlie Kirk Ben Shapiro has not reached out to her personally amid public spat

Candace Owens joined Charlie Kirk on his show Thursday after a tumultuous week with her coworker at Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro. Shapiro called for Owens to resign after she posted a series of tweets including rhetoric about genocide and Bible verses.

Owens, who is currently 40 weeks pregnant, revealed to Kirk that the Daily Wire pair had not personally spoken about the conflict and that they’ve only communicated through online public posts on social media. A video was also shared of Shapiro speaking at a private event and averring Owens’ online posts are “disgraceful” and that she has “faux sophistication” of the conflict in Israel.

She explained that her posts about genocide were generalizations and in response to Brian Mast claiming innocent Palestinian civilians do not exist. She further said her Bible verse posts were about “calling for peace.”

Wishing for Shapiro to express his frustrations to her directly, Owens stated, “we have to be able to have healthy dialogue and healthy instinct, even when we are not understanding each other. It doesn't make it better to let things become public fodder.”

She expressed she was still confused over the matter and had many of the same questions Kirk did herself that have gone unanswered, yet conveyed her understanding for the stress Shapiro, a Jewish conservative who has “familial ties to Israel,” must be going through in the wake of Hamas’ brutal attack on Israel and subsequent war.

“That’s … the human angle that I have tried to take in trying to perhaps understand why he is airing some of this publicly,” she said.

Kirk inquired about how Owens felt tensions over the Israel-Hamas conflict amongst conservatives should be handled, noting he felt it is “breaking both the left and the right simultaneously.”

“We need to act like conservatives,” she answered. “We can't engage in the behavior of leftists just because we have become upset, or an issue is close to us.”

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