DAVID KRAYDEN: Why isn't the FBI trying to stop Hamas supporters' 'intifada' insurrection?

Hey, did you hear about the insurrection in Washington D.C.? 

Not the phony insurrection on Jan. 6; the real one on Nov. 4? 

Probably not. If you are not reading Human Events or The Post Millennial or watching a few other assorted media outlets, you probably didn’t know that a pro-Palestinian mob came to the Capitol on Saturday, climbed over the White House fence, waved the Palestinian flag, draped it across multiple historical monuments, and cried “intifada,” an Arabic word that, in the context of the war in the Middle East, means “a civil uprising.”

So how is this not an insurrection? More importantly, how is this any different than what occurred on Jan. 6 and what the mainstream media still insists upon calling an insurrection even though it failed to meet that definition. You say the weekend protest stopped short of entering the Capitol building? Yes, but protesters have already been there and done that.

Were there mass arrests on Saturday? No, there were not. Will there be any judicial remediation for this incident? You can be certain that there will not be.

How about a dressing-down for hate speech? There was plenty of that in evidence as well with posters and placards advocating the obliteration of Israel.  

Last week, FBI Director Christopher Wray started waving his own flag, a red flag that suggested pro-Hamas elements could soon be threatening the safety and security of Americans because of U.S. support for Israel in the Mideast war. 

"The actions of Hamas and its allies will serve as an inspiration the likes of which we haven't seen since ISIS launched its so-called caliphate several years ago," Wray told the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee last Monday.

So where was Wray on the weekend? Was he encouraging law enforcement to at least dissuade people from besieging the Capitol with a foreign flag and inciting civil unrest? Is it just possible that most of the people threatening the White House are pro-Hamas and are thereby acolytes for terrorists and evidence of the “inspiration” that Hamas is providing for extremists?

Actually, Wray and the entire decrepit leadership of the FBI was apparently more concerned with creating more diversity within this disgraced national police department as FBI recruiters established a presence at an LGBTQ “Pride” rally in South Carolina to discuss career opportunities with enthralled participants. 

And where was much of the mainstream media last weekend? Apparently they were not watching Capitol Hill with any degree of perspicacity because the protest was not news – never even happened – with most outlets. Just have a gander at the CNN homepage and see if you can find so much as an honorable mention of the event. 

And you will continue to hear about protesters killing police officers – a falsehood that looms large in the fevered imagination of President Joe Biden and his handlers. 

If you still think Jan.6 was an insurrection and actually on par with Pearl Harbor or 9/11 as Vice President Kamala Harris has ludicrously proposed, then you would be advised to go to X and watch journalist Lara Logan’s “Insurrection vs. Fed-surrection” unfolding documentary. Part I aired exclusively on the social media platform last weekend; additional episodes are scheduled for the following weekends. Logan was a regular on Fox News until she breached that invisible fence of censorship and cancellation that can occur when even its top-rated star, Tucker Carlson, also discovered that he had apparently unwittingly crossed that latent line of network truth and was unceremoniously fired. 

Logan has also moved on to other things and her documentary on the events of Jan. 6 has the visual look of a “60 Minutes” broadcast but certainly not the intellectual claustrophobia of the current show that adheres strictly to the Biden Party line. 

Logan has apparently been provided access to a lot of that Jan. 6 footage that the Republicans keep telling you is on the way to some keen media network but never seems to make it to the screen. What she has shown thus far – and what we previously gleaned from the material shown by Tucker Carlson on his now defunct program – shows how the vast majority of the so-called insurrectionists mildly entered the Capitol building with the benign air of a Monday morning tourist, emanating not hostility, opprobrium and bloodlust but curiosity, determination and introspection. 

Not so the “pro-Palestinian” protesters who are not just incensed with the Biden administration, but are furious with America and fiercely anti-Semitic, believing Israel and all Jews are responsible for not only the mess in the Middle East but – as we have heard down through the centuries – for all the ills in the world. 

But just as I remain convinced that most Muslims have better ways to spend their weekends than standing on the statues of great American personalities, I believe these protests are increasingly being controlled and dominated by Antifa and other far-left entities that will use any event and any disturbance to promote their Marxist agenda. 

Just look at this incident from London – where the same sort of protests have been occurring for weeks now. It illustrates what happens when Antifa meets Muslim and the two cannot agree on anything except their opposition to Israel. While Antifa disciples celebrate the indoctrination of children with twisted gender ideology, the very idea is anathema to Muslims. So if there is any unholy alliance between Muslims and Antifa, it is destined to fail over a dozen disagreements over policy, politics and faith.

But that won’t stop the extremists who are only interested in the destruction of America and American exceptionalism from exploiting the war for their own purposes. 

And that’s why the law that was unjustly applied in the case of the Jan. 6 protesters – so many of whom continue to languish in jail for strolling through the Capitol building – should be justly applied when it comes to agitators who really do seek an end to America. 

This grandstanding but failing FBI director needs to stop prostrating himself to the woke forces who are profoundly but absurdly yoked to Islamic Jihad and start leading a police force that is seriously concerned with protecting all Americans from the real threats they encounter.

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