SAVANAH HERNANDEZ: Father faces restraining order for not affirming 5-year-old son's 'trans' identity

Yet another story of a father who has lost custody of his son after objecting to his child being subjected to gender transition has come to light.

Adam Vena, the father of 5-year-old Aidan, lost custody of his young son after disagreeing with his girlfriend about his alleged “transgender” identity. Currently facing a restraining order, Vena is fighting to gain access to his son before his mother has the ability to supply him with puberty and hormone blockers. 

Vena, who lost custody of his now 5-year-old son, Aidan, shared that his girlfriend began clothing Aidan in girl’s dresses at the young age of two. Due to Adam’s objection to this, a custody battle ensued which resulted in California courts blocking Adam from having access to Aidan’s medical files, the issuance of a 5-year restraining order, and the revocation of Adam’s custody of his son. 

“I am terrified for my son,” Vena said. “I am terrified of what they’ve been pumping inside my son’s head.” 

According to Vena, everyone involved in the custody battle from the judge to Aidan’s mother’s attorney has been vehemently supportive of LGBTQ ideology.

“They refer to my son as a girl in court,” he added. 

Vena also said that the attorney for Aidan’s mother goes by “she/her” pronouns. The Pasadena judge who was initially overseeing the custody case, Harvey Silberman, had previously made a name for himself within the LGBTQ community after working as the first staff attorney for the AIDS Project Los Angeles. During the initial custody battle, Silberman ordered Aidan to undergo a gender assessment that Aidan’s mother was allowed to attend, but Vena himself was barred from. 

“I was denied the ability to attend the gender assessment, was denied the ability to ask my own questions as the father of Aidan,” Vena shared. “Not one time was I ever sat down and asked about what I thought was going on with my son.”

According to Vena, even his doctors initially said that Aidan did not have gender dysphoria, but rather gender curiosity. Despite this, Aidan’s mother continued to dress him in girl’s clothing and ultimately changed Aidan’s pronouns to “she/her” — a crucial part of the grooming process that Vena said Aidan’s mother has been subjecting their son to since he was just two years old.

Aidan’s mother also emailed the private school Adam was paying for his son to attend, to inform the school that Aidan was now “transgender.” Vena only found out about this when another concerned parent of the school reached out to him and shared the email sent by Aidan’s mother.

“I’m sure you all know Aidan, the boy who wears dresses,” the email began, “Aidan has come out as transgender and is ready for the world to accept her for who she truly is. She fully identifies as female, uses female pronouns, and uses the girl’s restroom.”

"Reminder of what is currently happening to parents in California everyday:

“Aidan knows the word she will use if, and when, any of her peers question the fact that they have always known her as a boy,” the email continued. “Aidan is a girl who was born in a boy’s body. To me, she says ‘every single part of me is a girl, except I have a (anatomically correct word for male genitalia).”

The email finishes with Aidan’s mother asking parents to come to her with any questions regarding Aidan’s transition. 

As a result of being opposed to his son being groomed by his mother, Vena is now facing a five-year restraining order.

In September, California Governor Gavin Newsom vetoed a bill, AB957, which would have set a precedent to revoke custody from a “non-affirming” parent. In his veto, the governor addressed California court’s current policy of considering the parent’s affirmation of their children’s “gender identity” when considering the child’s “health, safety, and welfare.”

“A court, under existing law, is required to consider a child’s health, safety, and welfare when determining the best interests of a child in these proceedings, including the parent’s affirmation to the child’s gender identity,” the veto signed by Governor Newsom reads. 

Vena has since started a GiveSendGo to raise funds for an attorney to help him gain access to his son before his mother is able to put Aidan on puberty blockers, which she will be able to start him on by the age of 10.

With overreaching bills and state officials largely leaning on the side of promoting transgenderism for children, this story is one of many cases of how parental rights are being stripped away by trans-activists and the LGBTQ community in California. 

This piece first appeared at TPUSA.

Image: Title: Adam Vena


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