JACK POSOBIEC: ‘Chercher le pétrole’

While touching on reasons America should avoid entering World War III by becoming involved in the Israel-Hamas war on Human Events Daily Wednesday, Jack Posobiec pointed to a lesser-known fact that could be influencing why the conflict is happening at this moment.

He revealed that “A lot of what we're seeing right now is being driven by the fact that Israel just found a massive oil deposit right off of their coasts called the Leviathan oil field.”

The Leviathan oil (or gas) field is located in the Mediterranean Sea and began commercial production of gas at the very end of 2019.

Posobiec continued, “So when I talk about geopolitics folks usually what I go to, and I use my rubric, is ‘look for the oil’” Or as the French would say, “Chercher le petrole.”

Chercher le femme, or look for the woman, is a common French phrase.

“I would say ‘chercher le petrole’ in geopolitical affairs, international affairs,” he continued “because you can see that certainly drives a lot of things. That's obviously what's driving Israeli and Azerbaijan interests right now, which is to the detriment of the Armenian Christians, as we can see.”

He was referring to the situation that began in September in which around 120,000 Armenian Christians were “starved out” of their homes in the disputed Nagorono-Karabakh region of Artsakh for what appeared to be “ethnic cleansing operations” by Azerbaijanis.

“So if you understand that key aspect,” he concluded, “then things begin to lock into place. But of course, it also gave the Iranians a free hand. And now here we are. So we're not talking about biblical philosophy, driving events, we're talking about very basic geopolitics, very basic economics. That's what I see driving things.”

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